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    What do you think of these combos?

    Jemima Daisy Adelaide and Octavia Isabel Jane?

    now for the meanings... (you don't have to read this, it gets a bit boring...)
    Jemima - my absolute fave name ever, and I love it's birdy associations - both mama and I are bird lovers.
    Daisy - Family name
    Adelaide - My home town (I now live overseas). I feel a place name is OK in this instance because it actually has meaning to me, as well as being a legit name in it's own right.
    Octavia - just love this.
    Isabel - family name
    Jane - my mothers name

    I personally love these combos and how both of them honor in various ways. I also like how they stand out from the crowd, without screaming out "kreaytiff". Just thought I'd see what other people thought. These aren't for real life babies, I'm just bored :)

    edited for spelling and grammar

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