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    Would you mind taking a look at my list?

    Hey everybody! We're not trying (yet) but I know that we are in for disagreements when we do namewise. Since before we were married we had agreed on a boy name but girls are where we have the biggest discrepency in styles. Hubby likes names like Stacy, Morgan & Megan (well that won't work, that's me!). He also likes Milly and Christian, which I do like. I (like a lot of you all) like more classic names. I looked at the SSA website today and was surprised that some of the names on my list are shooting up in popularity - like Hazel and Emery. I don't mind recognizable names, I just want to avoid trendy. We agree on kind of "country" style names because we are country kind of people. Oh gosh this has turned into a novel! Anyway I was hoping for opinions on my list and ideas of some more country/relaxed names! Thanks so much - I am really looking foward to everyones ideas! - Megan


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    Re: Would you mind taking a look at my list?

    Christian–I love Christian (for a boy though)
    Milly–I like Milly as a nn for Millicent or Camilla, not sure she can stand on her own
    Josie–so, so cute! But again, I think it might be nice to give her the option of more formal name (Josephine, Jocelyn, etc.)
    Alice–one of my faves from your list! Alice is a sweet, simple, timeless choice (yet still unique)
    Mabel/Maisie–both are nice, but I especially like Mabel
    Gemma–I appreciate Gemma, but don't quite love her yet
    Jemima–very nice, though it still has a bit of the Southern connotation for me
    Dinah–this I love!
    Lousia–see above :)
    Martha–cute, but not my favorite
    Eliza–I am completely in love with Eliza!

    Of your choices, I'd say Alice, Dinah, Louisa and Eliza are my top picks :) Some others you might like:

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    Re: Would you mind taking a look at my list?

    Hi! You have a lovely list here!
    From it:
    Christian - this strikes me as a boys name, since I've only ever seen Christian on boys.
    I don't like the Chris- names in general, the sound is dated to me. (I grew up with hundreds of Chris- girls & boys!)

    Milly - I adore Millie but prefer it as a nickname. You never know if the "country girl" is going to grow up and become a corporate lawyer. Millicent is traditional for Milly but you can also get Milly from lots of names, Matilda, Romilly (which also has the option of Romy), Camill/Camilla, Emily, Amelia & Millaray, which is a Mapuche Indian name meaning "golden flower" isn't that one pretty?

    Josie This is what I generally call my own daughter, so of course, you can say I adore it. But her full name is Josephine, which gives her the options of Effie, Posy, Fifi, Fee & Fina as well as the more boyish Jo, Joey and Jojo (the last two are cousins of hers) As well as something formal should she decide Josie's too cutesy when she's 50.

    Alice - Absolutely gorgeous. Sweet and pretty. Works well for a "country girl" as well as a grown city chick!

    Mabel/Maisie - Now this is gorgeous! Mabel is sweet, feels footloose but grows up very well, and Maisie is an adorable nickname!

    Gemma - This is one of my favorites, warm and pretty. Doesn't feel very "country" to me, but hey, that's no big deal. Gemma's very polished (pardon the pun) and sweet.

    Jemima - This is my #4 name for a sister to my Josephine! I love the meaning, and it looks sweet and pretty. I'd call mine Mimi, but Jemma & emma can also be gotten from it.

    Dinah - Would be perfect for you, I think. I could expound on Dinah at great length but will stop at perfect, because really, Dinah is.

    Louisa - has just entered my own radar. But then, ask anyone here, I am a sucker for Lulu. Any way I can get to it, I'll consider. She feels wonderful, elegant & gorgeous.

    Martha - Has long been a favorite of mine. Matty, Marty & Marta are all nickname options for her, which makes her absolutely shine for me. I know a lovely Martha as well, which doesn't hurt the lovely thoughts of Martha in my head. (if you could see my notebook, MARTHA is at the top of my most recent page!)

    Eliza - Is pretty. It's not my favorite on this list but I'd still, even if I were going to call a girl Eliza full time, put Elisabeth/Elizabeth on the birth certificate, just so she'd have options. Options are a grand thing to have when you're 16, nevermind 40!

    Now, I took my five favorites on this list and went digging through my own lists to find names that feel similar. I took Amelia (as a form of Milly), Josephine, Dinah, Martha & Jemima and came up with these:


    Anything there?

    I hope that helped, some!
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    Re: Would you mind taking a look at my list?

    Christian: I like this as a boy's name, but along with Christopher, it's really overused.

    Milly: I think it's a cute nickname for the aforementioned suggestions.

    Josie: I think Josie is a great nickname for Josephine or Jocelyn, but not on its own.

    Alice: I adore Alice!

    Mabel/Maisie: I think Mabel/Masie is great! What about Clover?

    Gemma: I really like Gemma, a name that always makes me think of Elodie, another name that's not heard often.

    Jemima: This one still makes me think of the South and racism. Sorry! :-(

    Dinah: Dinah isn't a favorite of mine, but I think it's pretty. What about adding Daisy and Delilah to the list?

    Lousia: I absolutely love Louisa!

    Martha: I'm not a fan of Martha, but think Margaret, nickname Maisie or Daisy, is lovely.

    Eliza: I absolutely love Eliza! :-)

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    Re: Would you mind taking a look at my list?

    Hey you guys thanks so much! I was worried that I wasn't being very clear about what kind of sound we like - but you guys were so spot on (nothing frilly . . .) It is so great to get some outside opinions on these names, too. It's nice that Mabel has been going over pretty well. Olivegreen, you even picked out my very most favorite name - Jane! But I can't do Jane Smith . . . . Also like your other suggestions. Lola, I really like your suggestion of Susanna, Tabitha and Dahlia (such a pretty flower, too). Thank you guys! Any other suggestions would be great too :)

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