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    Re: Please ~ I need suggestions!!

    Hi there! :-) I think all names have a nickname in them somewhere, and if you don't find it, others will. I really love Fiona, but you may not care for the "fee" nickname that often goes along with it. Of the names you've listed, I think Isla is most likely to avoid nicknames. :-)

    I think Isla Bronwyn and Isla Beatrice are gorgeous! :-)

    Other ideas (one's with nicknames can be used for middles):
    Aveline (I love this feminine Irish name)
    Felicity (For the life of me, I can't find a good nickname for Felicity!)

    Best wishes to you! :-)

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    Re: Please ~ I need suggestions!!

    You've gotten a lot of great suggestions! I just wanted to throw out favorite name is Isla Maeve. Looked like it fit with your style, and I just adore the combo :)

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    Re: Please ~ I need suggestions!!

    Thank you so much for the wonderful suggestions! You hit on some other names I have considered but didn't post (Norah, Brigid, Maeve, Rain). And Cathleen (my middle name) and Erin (niece) are already family names!

    Current top choices are Rowan, Fiona, Brigid, Isla, Alexa. Isla is beautiful, but I wonder if it has enough substance, or is too "wispy" of a name? None have yet truly stood out for me as the one, so the search continues.

    This is such a great site, a wonderful resource!

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