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    Re: Be honest with me: Luella

    I love the name Luella. It's actually in my top 3 girl names
    right now. It's so sweet and girly. Plus I love the nick name Lu Lu.

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    Re: Be honest with me: Luella

    Quote Originally Posted by pomme_de_guerre
    I'll be honest: to me, it sounds a little bit Appalachian. Like, Coalminer's Other Daughter....
    Oh, Pomme, that made me laugh so hard! :-) And to all of the first time posters, welcome! :-)

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    Re: Be honest with me: Luella

    i really like luella! i think it stands the tests of time and aging, too. sweet little girl's name, nice lady's name, lovely grandma's name.
    and as someone else mentioned, it's a great fashion label. get her a luella dress now for her sixteenth birthday. :)

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