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    Be honest with me: Luella

    First post!

    Luella has recently made it onto my list. How bad is it, really? I love everything about it -- the repeated "L" sound (and it's much less common than Lila), the way it rolls off the tongue, the fact that it is short and sweet and yet still elegant, the nickname potential.

    I know it rhymes with Cruella (de Ville, as in the 101 Dalmations villain), but would that stop you from using it? Do kids these days even really watch that movie?

    Anyway, what do you think of Luella? Do you consider it usable? What would you think if you came across a little Luella? Any comments are welcome!

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    Re: Be honest with me: Luella

    I've never thought about it before, but I agree with you that it has a nice sound to it. I have to admit that after saying it and thinking that it was cute, my next though went to Cruella. I'm not sure how many kids these days watch that movie, but I know my 4 yr old niece hasn't seen it. Overall, I think it's a very good name name :-) You might also consider Della.

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    Re: Be honest with me: Luella

    Awe, I think Luella is pretty. :-) I think it's safe to say that a great deal of children are familiar with the movie and book, so that "Cruella" potential is indeed there.

    If you're concerned, what about Lulette or giving her a name that could lead to a Luella nickname (with the given name as a backup or simply another option)?

    Louisa Elizabeth
    Louise Elizabeth
    Louise Eleanora
    Eloise Lulette (still pondering this one...)
    Lucy Eleanora
    Lucy Elizabeth
    Lucy Annabella

    Best wishes, Emma! :-)

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    Re: Be honest with me: Luella

    hey, my first post too :)
    I like Luella, it's unusual but doesn't sound too out of place. There's a lovely brand of clothes called Luella, I think you can buy it on net-a-porter? If you're worried about it rhyming with Cruella (and any teasing associated with that will wear off once she's left primary school), I second the suggestions above me, Lucy Eleanora and Louisa Elizabeth in particular are lovely.

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    Re: Be honest with me: Luella

    I'll be honest: to me, it sounds a little bit Appalachian. Like, Coalminer's Other Daughter. It's not BAD, it's just sort of countrified, to my ears.

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