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    Re: What would your kids name their babies?

    My son was pushing for ralph for his younger sibling, even after he learned it would be a girl.

    Now she names all her baby dolls Sunny.

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    Re: What would your kids name their babies?

    My oldest daughter 11, swears she is never having kids. She never played with baby dolls so I guess it's no surprise. She does however like the name Wren for a little sister. She refuses to give a boys name because she's knows if we have a boy she'll be stuck sharing a room with her little sister. My youngest daughter almost 5, loves the names Clora, Lucas, Ambrielle (?), Alex ( a boy from kindergarten), and Love Heart.

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    Re: What would your kids name their babies?

    Well I have 5 girls. So here we go.

    Alex (2 1/2)- Girl: Iggy, Boy: Mickey

    Isabelle (4)- Girl: Grape, Boy: Peanut

    Janie (5)- Girl: Kaylee, Boy: Jakey

    Lizzy (Almost 7)- Girl: Rose, Boy: Jimbob

    Lilley (Almost 12)- Girl: Rosalie, Boy: Jameson

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    Re: What would your kids name their babies?

    Sonja is determined to name her first boy Fireman. Her daddy's a fireman, and she already has a lot of respect and love for the job. She also loves Coriander, Brook, and Kooji for a boy and Cloud, Flower, and Bumble Bee for a girl (she's really into nature names :) ). We just saw Ponyo yesterday, and she has decided its her number 1 choice for a girl (not sure how long that will last though)

    Forrester doesn't know what he wants to name future kids, but he wants his new brother to be named Forrester Jr. after himself, which I find really cute.

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    Re: What would your kids name their babies?

    Ignatius(6)-Girl: Eos or Athena, Boy: Odin or Zeus(likes mythology)
    Harper(6)-Girl: Hermione or Luna, Boy: Harry, Draco, or Severus(has recently discovered Harry Potter).
    Nehemiah(3)-Girl: Rosie, Boy: Jamsie

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