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    Question 3 Weeks to Go and Back to the Drawing Board!

    Hey Nameberries!

    I'm due October 1st and having a mini-crisis. My husband and I had decided on a girl's name a couple of months ago: Verity Claire. Daddy mostly chose it for it's meaning: "Truth" and "Light". He said "it's perfect!" and I said, "Great, we're done!". Or, so I thought...

    Last week my hubby started questioning the decision. He feels it clashes with our other daughters' names (in my signature)'s too "buttoned up", and it completely ignores his strong preference for botanical names.

    So, I brought back up the name that I had been longing for: Juniper. It's botanical and biblical, so 2 points right off the bat, and it subtly honors my beloved and greatly missed grandmother (for a kind of convoluted reason, but it works for me). I expected him to shelve it immediately and declare that our first choice was still right, but instead, he's seriously considering it.

    So now I'm looking for middle names. That always seems to be what makes or breaks a name choice for him. Primary criteria would be:

    *one or two syllables (anything longer feels like two much with a 3 syllable first name)
    *positive meaning or namesake
    *not too far "out there"--classic or at least recognizable
    *doesn't clash with our one-syllable, very German-sounding "K" last name

    Ideas I've floated out so far:

    Juniper Rose (my favorite, but a close friend just gave her daughter this mn. so I'm reluctant)
    Juniper Faith
    Juniper Rachel
    Juniper Claire
    Juniper Chloe
    Juniper Eden
    Juniper Eve

    Our other daughters' middle names are Lily, Grace, and Autumn.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks so much!
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    Juniper Rose, Juniper Eden and Juniper Faith are my favourites. I do like Rachel as well, but your other girls all have word middle names!
    I wouldn't worry about your friend using Rose. Like Grace, it's a fairly popular name to put in the middle spot (because its pretty and just flows) that I dont think your friend would be offended
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    I really love Juniper Eve with your other children's names. My second and third choices would be Juniper Faith or Juniper Eden.
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    Juniper Eve. I think either Verity or Juniper works with your kids' names. I think Verity Claire is beyond beautiful, and gets my vote.

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