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    Your thoughts on Cressida/Cresselia

    Hello, not expecting yet but it will be the plan within the next two years.

    I've recently fallen in love with Cressida to the point where she's my no.1 choice. This name is fairly unheard of in Australia, and when I mentioned it to my brother he mentioned Cresselia, which is a Pokémon.

    Naturally, I immediately fell in love with Cresselia. So my question is, do you think Cresselia is too much? I thought it gave the name a floral vibe and reminds me of Cecilia/Azalea - but giving a child the first name of a Pokémon is probably a little inappropriate, as the series is still very popular, even though there is almost a thousand Pokémon out there.

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    While Cresselia isn't a famous Pokémon, I personally wouldn't do it. I would prefer to have a name that has a history to it versus it being the name of a Pokémon! But, this is coming from someone who loves Pokémon and Cressida is one of my favorite names. I can see the appeal of Cresselia though!
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    I think Cresselia is too much, sorry. Cressida is a nice name, though, and Essie would be a sweet nickname.
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    Cresselia is pretty but my vote goes to Cressida. It's more established and has a cleaner look/sound. It sounds austere yet intriguing. I can easily see a lawyer, artist, or CEO with the name Cressida.

    Maybe you'd like Camellia? It's a recent floral love of mine that might fit your criteria!
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    Cressida is lovely!

    Cresselia...? It does sound nice, yes. But there isn't a lot of substace to it, is there? I mean, it's a Pokémon, but that's it...?

    You might also like Cerelia, Cordelia, Cedrella (the female version of Cedric), Coralia or Cyrilla.
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