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    Need advice about a family name.

    My husband's sister passed away when he was a child and he's always envisioned using her name, Alyssa, within our children.

    I do like the name, but would prefer it to be used as a middle name. I just feel lost when it comes to what type of girls' names will sound good matched with Alyssa.

    Any advice?

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    Re: Need advice about a family name.

    It would really help if you could think of a list of names that you love. Then we would know your name style. Once we know that, it will be pretty easy to think of a first name that you love that is also compatible with Alyssa.

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    Re: Need advice about a family name.

    I agree...its much easier to find names if we know you're style :)

    Here's a few random names to get started. Let us know how you feel about some of these and we can help that way too :)

    Emily Alyssa
    Katherine Alyssa
    Josephine Alyssa
    Scarlett Alyssa
    Abigail Alyssa
    Audrey Alyssa
    Vivian Alyssa
    Maisie Alyssa
    Maeve Alyssa
    Arden Alyssa

    IMHO you definitley need a name that doesn't end in an "a" sound (which is tough for me since 90% of my girl names end that way :) )
    Hopefully we can help you out!

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