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Thread: Is it too much?

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    Is it too much?

    Hello everyone :-) I've just found this wonderful site a few days ago and it is has been great to read everyone's opinions on names. My mother works on the mother-baby unit at a hospital and we have always loved to talk about the names everyone chooses (even the weird ones, like Possum). My question is do you think the name Guinevere is just too much name for a person to carry? I just think that it is so beautiful and elegant, but I fear it may be too much. If it is too much, there are always cats that need to be named :-) I also love the nickname Vera. The middle names I was thinking about are:
    Guinevere Wren
    Guinevere Clover (an absolutely precious name that I had not heard of before visiting this site)
    Guinevere Frances

    Any comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I can't wait to hear your responses.

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    Re: Is it too much?

    I adore Guinevere - she's lyrical and free-spirited whilst has history behind her, giving her substance :) I personally don't think she's too much for a little girl to wear, especially with the perhaps more grounded nn option of Vera.

    If you are concerned about wearability, why not pair her with a more grounded middle name? Guinevere Frances works to this principle nicely! The flow is a little stilted to my Australian tongue, but I think she's darling - Frances has the effect of streamlining G a bit more. Guinevere Wren is enchanting, but almost feels as though she'd fly away, as she doesn't seem to have a lot of 'sensibility' behind her (if that makes any sense in anyone else's head?). I'm really rather impartial to Clover - she just feels very insubastantial to me, but she flows very well with Guinevere!

    These nn popped into my head as well:

    - Guinevere Iris
    - Guinevere Josephine
    - Guinevere Isabel
    - Guinevere Maud
    - Guinevere Florence
    - Guinevere Lily
    - Guinevere Niamh
    - Guinevere Olive
    - Guinevere Cecilia
    - Guinevere Lucille

    Hmm.. they weren't very good. Still - anything there that you like?

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    Re: Is it too much?

    It's a lot, but maybe not too much. I like it! I like the idea of Wren as a middle name too.

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    Re: Is it too much?

    I like Guinevere and think Guinevere Frances works best for reasons posted above. I think she's much more likely to end up with the nickname Gwen instead of Vera however.

    While I like the name Wren I don't think it works with Guinevere -- after such a lyrical first name it feels like a big clunk! at the end.

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    Re: Is it too much?

    I think Guinevere is fantastic, and I'm glad you decided to post! :-) Welcome!

    I think Clover is a great name, but I'm not feeling it with Guinevere. Clover has a down-home, country, homey, folksy feel (like Mabel and Hazel), which to my ear, contrasts with Guinevere's regal elegance and sophistication.

    Sophie had a lot of great suggestions...

    Some more:
    Guinevere Blythe
    Guinevere Beatrix
    Guinevere Camille
    Guinevere Catherine
    Guinevere Delphine
    Guinevere Esme
    Guinevere Jane
    Guinevere Louise
    Guinevere Laurel
    Guinevere Pearl
    Guinevere Romilly
    Guinevere Rosalind
    Guinevere Simone
    Guinevere Scarlett
    Guinevere Tamsin

    If you're not comfortable with Guinevere up front, I think it would make a stunning middle name, too.

    Best wishes to you! :-)

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