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Thread: Is it too much?

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    Is it too much?

    Hello everyone :-) I've just found this wonderful site a few days ago and it is has been great to read everyone's opinions on names. My mother works on the mother-baby unit at a hospital and we have always loved to talk about the names everyone chooses (even the weird ones, like Possum). My question is do you think the name Guinevere is just too much name for a person to carry? I just think that it is so beautiful and elegant, but I fear it may be too much. If it is too much, there are always cats that need to be named :-) I also love the nickname Vera. The middle names I was thinking about are:
    Guinevere Wren
    Guinevere Clover (an absolutely precious name that I had not heard of before visiting this site)
    Guinevere Frances

    Any comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I can't wait to hear your responses.

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