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    Re: I'd love advice for our daughter's name!

    I think Isabel and Madeline are stunning. I wouldn't worry about them being too popular. My sister named her daughter Madeleine (French spelling) and the spelling has never been a problem in school. She actually doesn't run in to as many Madeline's as you would think that she might encounter these days.

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    Re: I'd love advice for our daughter's name!

    Brooklyn- I just don't care for this name. Sounds was too trendy.

    Cecilia I think this is a stunning name. Very regal, elegant and beautiful! Not at all popular, which I think is great! Lia would also be a beautiful nickname or even Cece? Very cute!

    Eden It's different, sounds too 70's to me.

    Eliana- A little hard to say. It's pretty though.

    Evelyn It was old lady now old those grandma names are coming back! this is one of my favorites. So beautiful and timeless. Evelyn Grace is stunning. Evey in such a sweet nickname too! I LOVE IT!

    Isabel It is gaining is popularity. I think it's okay.

    Luka I just don't relaly like this for a girl.

    Madeline- I like this!! Very classic, elegant and not crazy popular! Would you pronounce it Madalyn or Madeline? Either way it's a winner!

    Violet- LOVE IT! One of my favorite flower names, so vintage and fun. I don't know of any in my area. Violet Grace also sounds perfect!

    Viviana- I'm not a big fan. I prefer Vivienne.

    My favorites are...
    Violet Grace
    Evelyn Grace

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