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    what's your favorite?

    I am due anytime now. What's your favorite of the following names?

    Evie Laine (eh vee)

    Eveline Mary (eh veh line)
    Eveline Laine

    Delaney Charlotte
    Delaney Cara

    She has a brother named Mason. Thanks for your replies! :)

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    Re: what's your favorite?

    Evie Laine (eh vee)–prefer the longer version below (Eveline)

    Eveline Mary (eh veh line)–this would be my pick, Eveline is unique without being trendy, and Mary is a classic
    Eveline Laine–these two names feel too similar to me

    Delaney CharlotteDelaney is not my personal style, but this would be my second pick
    Delaney Cara–these two just don't seem to mesh for some reason
    :: o l i v e ::

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    Re: what's your favorite?

    Delaney Charlotte is my pick!

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    Re: what's your favorite?

    Definitely Eveline Mary! No contest.

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    Re: what's your favorite?

    Eveline Mary! I think it's a stunning and elegant combination, and one I didn't expect to see. I'd personally keep Evie as a nickname, giving her the substantial Eveline as her given name. (Genevieve and Evangeline are other "Evie" sources...)

    I agree that Eveline and Laine are too close and "l" heavy to work with each other.

    Good luck to you! :-)

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