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  • Say-ren

    0 0%
  • SUH-ren

    5 4.59%
  • Seh-ren

    56 51.38%
  • Sair-ehn (like Karen but with an S)

    46 42.20%
  • Sair-een

    1 0.92%
  • Other (comment, please)

    1 0.92%
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    Lightbulb Pronouncing Seren?

    I think the name Seren is really pretty and it means "Star." (Which could be an alternative to Stella.) I was wondering how y'all like it pronounced and/or how you first read it. On it's nb profile it has the pronounceation has it as Seh-ren but reading the comments some others pronounced it differently; like Sair-ehn. What are y'all's thoughts?
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    I read a book with this name in it, and I'm pretty sure it was pronounced "Seh-ren"...
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    I thought it was SEH-ren but I'm open to being corrected by a Welsh person. I pronounce Karen with the first syllable like a in cat. Is the Kair-en pronunciation a US accent thing? I don't think I've ever come across someone saying Kair-en for Karen.

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    SEH-ren is what I have heard. A native Welsh speaker would roll the R.

    Karen sounds pretty different in a UK accent than in a North American accent.

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    I would say SEH-ruhn, and agree with the comments about Karen. I say Ka (like in cat)-ruhn, not Kair-ruhn, but I'm in the UK. I do have a name on my list (I came across in a book) similar to Seren and that rhymes with Karen, spelt Saren.
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