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    first Twilight baby!

    So! As the first baby from the stars of Twlight issssss Cam Giandet's Everleigh Ray! A little girl! What do you think of the name? She was born April 14!

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    Re: first Twilight baby!

    For the life of me, I can't figure out why parents think that changing an "ly" ending to "leigh" is unique! AAAAHHHH! It's not unique! It's just trendy, trendy, trendy, with an extra heaping scoop of trendy! :-)

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    Re: first Twilight baby!

    I know! My same reaction! Everly Rae I think would have been much more pretty. But they said he named her after a man that was his acting teacher who's name was "Leigh"

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    Re: first Twilight baby!

    bah, I don't like it at all!
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    Re: first Twilight baby!

    eww its to southern belle its not cute the girl is gonna be made fun of badly!!!!

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