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Thread: Ophelia

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    What do you think of Ophelia?

    Beautiful? Or too dark?

    Too much teasing potential?

    I am thinking of it for a sister to Eva. Possibly a twin to Sylvie. Still working on the twin names. Thanks.

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    Re: Ophelia

    Hi Pomme,

    While I think Ophelia is pretty (it's not too dark for me, but I think it will be for some), I'd be too afraid of the "I'll feel ya" jokes in middle school to use the name myself. I also have a habit of putting prefixes on the name when I hear it, like "hemophelia" and "pedophelia," which gives me pause.

    A friend of mine just used this name for her baby, and she's already wishing she'd used it as a middle name due to the potential teasing.

    If you're worried about teasing, why not use it as a middle? It works really with some of the names you may be considering with Sylvie, like:

    Daphne Ophelia
    Esme Ophelia

    I love Eva, and can't wait to see the names you choose for the twins!

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    Re: Ophelia

    Thanks, I can't wait to see, too. I don't think I'll know til I am in the hospital.

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    Re: Ophelia

    It is a little too dark for me - middle name would be better but . . . Still pretty dark. I think of the book Reviving Ophelia (or something like that) describing girls who are passive and sad that isn't the association I would want for a little girl. However, of course, that's just me!

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    Re: Ophelia

    It would be a great middle name.

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