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    TV Character Names

    The hot list referencing this topic got me thinking! It goes without saying that TV shows influence naming trends. What names do you think will become–or have already become–more popular due to characters on current shows? Below are my pics:

    Lost: Jack, Kate, Claire, Sawyer, Rose, Henry, Juliet, Hugo, Desmond, Miles

    Six Feet Under (no longer running, but had some fabulous names): Nathanial, Ruth, Claire, George, Margaret, Maya, Willa, Edie, Arthur

    Law and Order: Elliot, Olivia, Finn, George, Alexandra, Robert, Nola, Cyrus, Nina, Nora

    The exception seems to be The Office–I don't see Pam, Dwight, Kelly, Phyllis, Ryan, or Kevin soaring up the charts (but Oscar is a good bet!).
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