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    1. Violet Pearl, Evangeline Opal (Evie), Philippa (Pippa) Ruby

    2. Harvey Georges and Oscar Gilles (I don't have a father-in-law, so I just picked a name.)

    3. Adelaide Faith (Addie), Beau Merit, Charlotte Verity (Lottie), Daphne Temperance, Eliza Hope, Flora Grace

    4. Pets
    Horse: Rocket
    Dog: Rio
    Fish: Gil, Arthur, Namor, Garth, Marina, and Finn

    5. Rooms
    1st bedroom: Mom and Dad
    2nd bedroom: Violet, Evie, and Pippa
    3rd bedroom: Harvey and Oscar
    4th bedroom: Addie, Lottie, and Daphne
    5th bedroom: Eliza and Flora
    6th bedroom: Beau
    7th bedroom: guest bedroom?
    Gideon ~ Ezekiel ~ Abel ~ Emmett ~ Declan ~ Silas ~ Ezra ~ Flynn ~ Jasper ~ Elliot
    Maisie ~ Willa ~ Naomi ~ Vivienne ~ Evangeline ~ Gemma ~ Amaryllis ~ Lux ~ Remi ~ Sophie
    Shiloh ~ River ~ Sage ~ Rowan

    Name Crush of the Moment: Oona

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