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    Create a Family! Multiple Theme! WARNING! Tons of Kids!!!

    1. You meet the man of your dreams and get married on Valentines Day. You both want children, a lot of them! You get pregnant with triplet girls that are due on November 12. On October 19 you give birth to premature triplets. You want them to have somehow related names that aren't too matchy, like Rosalie, Lillian and Daffodil. With middle names that are gems, like Rosalie Jade, Lillian Amber and Daffodil Ruby.

    2. Three years later you miss having a baby around the house. You want to adopt this time. You and your husband are spending your aniversery in France and the little ones are at Grandma's house. You are at an orphanage and fall in love with identical twin boys. You want their names to be after your father and your father in law with French middle names.
    Mine: Robert Evan and Zachery Micheal.

    3. Six years later the triplets are nine and the twins are six. You want a baby. BAD! You want multiples again. You turn to fertility treatments and end up with sextuplets. Five girls and a boy. You want Baby A to have an A name. Baby B to have a B name... Baby B is the boy. You want the middle names to be virtue names. Mine: Alexis Grace, Bailey Joy, Cara Hope, Danielle Rose, Emmalynn Faith and Freddie Ever.

    4. It is 7 years later and your triplets are 16, the twins are 13 and the quints are seven. You and your husband now have twelve kids. Everyone wants a pet. The triplets want horses. You told them no way. The twins want dogs and the six want turtles. You and your husband said, "NO!" At Christmastime, you decide to get your triplets a horse to share. You get the twins a dog to share and you get the six goldfish. What are their names?

    Horse: Utah, Dog: T-Rex, Fish: Bubbles, Noah, Sandy, Aqua and Swimmy.

    5. You live in a seven bedroom house. What are the room arangments?
    1st bedroom: Mom and Dad.
    2nd bedroom: Lillie and Daffi
    3rd bedroom: Robby and Zack and Freddie.
    4th bedroom: Lexi and Cara.
    5th bedroom: Danni and Emma.
    6th bedroom: Rosie and Bailey.

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    Mar 2012
    San Francisco, CA
    16 years:
    Victoria Jade
    Amelia Opal
    Charlotte Ruby

    13 years:
    Michael Alain
    Robert Olivier

    7 years:
    Annelies Cornelia
    Beau Justus
    Camilla Faith
    Dahlia Patience
    Eleanor Grace
    Francesca Clare

    Horse: Kaija
    Dog: Luca
    Goldfish: Magenta, Cyan, Lavender, Olive, Ruby

    1st bedroom: Mom and dad
    2nd: Toria
    3rd: Amelia
    4th: Lotty
    5th: Mike, Robert, Beau
    6th: Anna, Mila
    7th: Dolly, Ellie, Fancy
    Petra Judith
    Sebastien Maël

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    1. Violet Pearl, Evangeline Opal (Evie), Philippa (Pippa) Ruby

    2. Harvey Georges and Oscar Gilles (I don't have a father-in-law, so I just picked a name.)

    3. Adelaide Faith (Addie), Beau Merit, Charlotte Verity (Lottie), Daphne Temperance, Eliza Hope, Flora Grace

    4. Pets
    Horse: Rocket
    Dog: Rio
    Fish: Gil, Arthur, Namor, Garth, Marina, and Finn

    5. Rooms
    1st bedroom: Mom and Dad
    2nd bedroom: Violet, Evie, and Pippa
    3rd bedroom: Harvey and Oscar
    4th bedroom: Addie, Lottie, and Daphne
    5th bedroom: Eliza and Flora
    6th bedroom: Beau
    7th bedroom: guest bedroom?
    Gideon ~ Ezekiel ~ Abel ~ Emmett ~ Declan ~ Silas ~ Ezra ~ Flynn ~ Jasper ~ Elliot
    Maisie ~ Willa ~ Naomi ~ Vivienne ~ Evangeline ~ Gemma ~ Amaryllis ~ Lux ~ Remi ~ Sophie
    Shiloh ~ River ~ Sage ~ Rowan

    Name Crush of the Moment: Oona

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    May 2012
    Wren Amber
    Phoenix Ruby
    Lark Onyx

    David Pierrot and Steven Marcel

    Astrid Faith
    Billie Honor
    Calisto Grace
    Daisy Hope
    Easton Clemence
    Finn Valiant

    HORSE: Sinbad
    DOG: Vesper
    FISH: One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six

    1ST BEDROOM: Mum and dad
    2ND BEDROOM: Wren
    3RD BEDROOM: Phoenix
    4TH BEDROOM: Lark
    5TH BEDROOM: Dai and Stevie
    6TH BEDROOM: Astrid, Cali and and Easton
    7TH BEDROOM: Billie, Daisy and Finn

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    Vancouver, Canada
    1. Lucy Jade, Beatrice Ruby, Reese Emerald

    2. Robert Olivier and Kenneth Michael "Ken"

    3. Anna, Beck, Charlie, Danielle, Eleanor "Nora" and Francine "Frankie"

    4. Horse: Badwolf, Dog: Doctor, Fish: Rose, Jack, Donna, Martha, Amy and Rory

    5. You live in a seven bedroom house. What are the room arangments?
    1st bedroom: Mom and Dad.
    2nd bedroom: Lucy, Beatrice and Reese
    3rd bedroom: Robert and Ken
    4th bedroom: Anna and Charlie
    5th bedroom: Danielle and Nora
    6th bedroom: Beck and Frankie

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