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    1. Juliette Amethyst, Leslie Jett, Addison Jade.

    2. Micheal Eliott, Caden Mathis.

    3. Adleigh Faith, Beckett Calm, Claire Merritt, Delany Hope, Ellie Grace, Fallon Verdad.

    4. Horse: Dallas, Dog: Finn, Fish: Nemo, Dory, Ted, Alice, and Joe

    5. You live in a seven bedroom house. What are the room arangments?
    1st bedroom: Mom and Dad.
    2nd bedroom: Juliette, Leslie, and Addison.
    3rd bedroom: Micheal and Caden
    4th bedroom: Adleigh and Claire
    5th bedroom: Beckett and Fallon
    6th bedroom: Delany and Ellie
    7th bedroom: Spare

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    1.Miranda Coral, Imogene Ruby and Celia Pearl (Shakespearean names)

    2. Patrick Rainier and Stephen Laurent

    3. Annabel Cornelia, Benedict Noble, Claudia Mercy, Diane Hope, Evelyn Faith and Francine Grace

    4. horse-Opal dog-Chien and the goldfish: Verity, Justice, Pleasant, Concord, Loyal and Prudence

    Bedroom 1: Parents
    Bedroom 2: Triplets
    Bedroom 3: Twins and Ben
    Bedroom 4: Annabel, Claudia and Francine
    Bedroom 5: Diane and Evelyn
    Bedroom 6: Playroom
    Bedroom 7: Hang out room
    Mother to: Patrick Werner (3/10) , Mary Claire (06/12) and Margaret Rose (05/15)

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    1. Linnea Pearl, Jasmine Ruby, and Violet Opal.

    2. Ethan Jacques and Edward Beau.

    3. Avia Faith, Brayden Justice, Claire Amity, Daphne Grace, Eden Hope, and Fiona Joy.

    4.Horse: Lily
    Dog: Tony
    Goldfish: Princess (Ava's), Captain America (Brayden's), Rosie (Claire's), Ariel (Daphne's), Sparkles (Eden's), Flounder (Fiona's).

    5. You live in a seven bedroom house. What are the room arrangements?
    1st Bedroom: Mom and Dad
    2nd Bedroom: Linnea
    3rd Bedroom: Jasmine and Violet
    4th Bedroom: Ethan and Edward
    5th Bedroom: Brayden
    6th Bedroom: Ava, Claire, Daphne, Eden and Fiona
    19 year old bookworm, dreamer, eternal optimist, social butterfly, university student, and future elementary school teacher who has a passion for life and a interest in baby names.

    Current Favourites:
    Gentlemen: Carson, Nathaniel, Benjamin, Jordan, Ryder.
    Ladies: Olivia, Paige, Claire, Ella, Sierra.

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    5. You live in a seven bedroom house. What are the room arangments?
    1st bedroom: Mom and Dad.
    2nd bedroom: Lillie and Daffi
    3rd bedroom: Robby and Zack and Freddie.
    4th bedroom: Lexi and Cara.
    5th bedroom: Danni and Emma.
    6th bedroom: Rosie and Bailey.

    1. Eleanor Gemma, Evelyn Jade, and Laurel Sapphire

    2. Joseph Andre and Robert Thomas

    3. Adelaide Faith, Beckett Solace, Charlotte Hope, Delaney Justice, Emily Blythe, Finley Grace

    4. Horse: Fanny
    Dog: Edward
    Fish: Bubbles, Gubby, Danny, Frank, Tuna, and Macklemore

    5. Bedroom 1: Mom and Dad
    Bedroom 2: Eleanor, Evelyn, and Laurel
    Bedroom 3: Joseph, Robert, and Beckett
    Bedroom 4: Adelaide and Charlotte
    Bedroom 5: Charlotte and Delaney
    Bedroom 6: Emily and Finley

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    Triplets: Jemima Pearl, Tabitha Gem and Susannah Ruby
    Twins: Stanton Olivier and Willem Valentin
    Sextuplets: Annabel Verity, Beatrix Mercy, Cornelia Constance, Desmond Justus, Eloise Honor and Felicity Grace
    Horse: Pippa
    Dog: Ernie
    Fish: Daphne, Hazel, Flora, Violet, Laurel and Juniper

    1- Mom and Dad
    2- Jemima, Tabitha and Susannah
    3- Stanton, Willem and Desmond
    4- Annabel, Beatrix, Cornelia, Eloise and Felicity
    5- Guest Room
    6- Toy Room
    7- Study

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