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Thread: Naomi?

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    Re: Naomi?

    I don't like the name Naomi, and I'm not sure why. My husband loves it.
    I love all your other name ideas!

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    Re: Naomi?

    Naomi: I like Naomi, but don't quite love it (I do like the way it looks though)

    Louisa: The thing I love about Louisa is that it's both powerful and elegant. It also feels intelligent without seeming bookish. Very nice!

    Eleanor: I adore Eleanor! I know it's becoming more popular, but it's definitely a classic. I love Nora as a nn.

    June: June has been growing on me lately (not my favorite from your list though).

    Rose: I like Rose quite a bit, but knowing so many little girls with Rose as a mn has made it feel less fresh to me as of late.

    Katherine: I like Katherine, esp. with the nn Kate (I really hate Kathy though–feels very dated to me, I don't know why).

    Anna: I really love Anna!

    Elizabeth: Never gets old–so pretty!

    Frances: Too cute! I think Anna Frances is a fantastic combo.
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    Re: Naomi?

    I really don't like the name Naomi. I love all your middle name options, though. And even though I don't like Naomi, I think Naomi Frances sounds really cute.
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    Re: Naomi?

    This is my favorite name! I love the look, sound, history and meaning of it. If I were to have a little girl tomorrow, she would be Naomi Charlotte.

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