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    Re: Would you mind taking a look at my list?

    Glad I could help. :)

    Anna is a great name. It's my sisters. :) What about..

    Anna Caroline- I think it just sounds so sweet and feminine. LOVE IT!
    Anna Paige- Is cute!
    Anna Laura- This just sounds so pretty together.
    Matilda Anne - Is very pretty.
    Evelyn Ruth- You could do an R name in honor of your Mom..
    Rosalyn Paige- So pretty!
    Mabel Rebecca- I just like the old fashioned sounds of this.
    Mabel Rachael

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    Re: Would you mind taking a look at my list?

    Hello - I'm English so my take may be less relevant... But so many of your names are names that are on my list too I'll give you my opinion for what it is worth.

    Christian - Boy's name to me, sorry.
    Milly - Hugely popular over here and might be a little too sweet if she grew up to be President or whatever. How about Emilia/Amelia shortened to Milly? Very pretty?
    Josie - Not for me.
    Alice - Love this. I think Alice in Wonderland. Very classic but girlish too.
    Mabel/Maisie - Mabel is unusual, Maisie might have the same 'too young/too girly' thing that Milly has. Do you know what it is short for?
    Gemma - Better as a nickname for my favourite which is...
    Jemima - LOVE this name. In England it is quite an aristocratic choice and very unusual as well as having a lovely friendly, old fashioned appeal. I do know about the Aunt Jemima problem though... that might put me off were I American.
    Dinah - Love this. Only hesitation (it is on my list too) is that some might pronounce somewhat like DINER?
    Lousia - Really classic and pretty.
    Martha - Solid old fashioned name - someone to be trusted. Lovely.
    Eliza - I adore this name but would put Elizabeth on the birth certificate.

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    Re: Would you mind taking a look at my list?

    Hi, Smitty. :-)

    Annie is one of my favorite nicknames, but I think Anne Smith is too plain. :-(

    What about Annabelle/Annabel? I saw that you want to use Emery as a middle name, and I think Annabel Emery Smith works!


    Annabelle/Annabel Clara Smith
    Annabelle/el Cora Smith
    Annabelle/el Clover Smith
    Annabelle/el Daisy Smith
    Annabelle/el Daphne Smith
    Annabelle/el Frances Smith
    Annabelle/el Ivy Smith
    Annabelle/el Juliet Smith
    Annabelle/el Maisy Smith
    Annabelle/el Ruby Smith

    Good luck! :-)

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    Re: Would you mind taking a look at my list?

    Lovely list!

    Christian - Do you mean Christina? If so, then I like this. It's classic and has good nicknames.
    Milly - So cute! Prefer it as a nickname... I like Amalia, Emilia, Millicent or Camilla nn Milly
    Josie - nickname for Josephine.
    Alice - Nice combination of familiar but rarely heard... ages well, and your daughter will love the Alice in Wonderland association.
    Mabel/Maisie - love this, or you could have Margaret nn Maisie?
    Gemma - Jemima nn Jemma?
    Jemima - All time favourite name! It's feminine and soft.
    Dinah - Sounds like "diner" to me.
    Lousia - This is strong yet feminine, and I think the A on the end perks it up. You can't go wrong with this.
    Martha - This could be a fullname for nn Milly? But yeah, like this. You don't hear it that often.
    Eliza - I prefer Elizabeth, but this holds well on it's own nonetheless.

    How about Jemima Lily (or something starting with 'L') nn Milly?

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