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    Re: Would you mind taking a look at my list?


    Good luck, Smitty!

    P.S. Everyone, Zard (Elizabeth) had her baby! Check it out in the Tell Us What You Named Your Baby thread!

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    Re: Would you mind taking a look at my list?

    Thanks for those ideas, Jill! Love Lydia. I was meaning to ask you - for me, Margaret is an ok name with great nicknames, but I have always been hesitent about it (and the similar Margo) because my name is Megan. I know they aren't the same name, but they have the same root . . . do you think it is too close? I appreciate everyone taking the time to come up with these great suggestions :) I am slowly running them by the sweetie . . . .

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    Re: Would you mind taking a look at my list?

    I'm sorry! I forgot you're a Megan. :-) You know, they are pretty close, but not if you'd like it to be in your honor, and if you'll be calling her Daisy or Maisie. I think Mabel is awesome as a Maisie source, though, and I think it's much spunkier and fresher than Margaret. :-)

    I love the names on your list, and hope your husband likes them, too! :-) Good luck!

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    Re: Would you mind taking a look at my list?

    Christian- This makes me think of a boy's name. It's still pretty though.
    Milly- Cute but I like it more as a nickname.
    Josie- Cute, as a nickname... I love Josephine or Josephina though.
    Alice LOVE IT!!!
    Mabel/Maisie I think Mabel is nice. You NEVER here it and it has a country vintage feel.
    Gemma Also different..
    Jemima I know of only one where I live in TN, unfortunately it always just makes me think of pancakes and syrup.
    Dinah I love thins, it has such a light pretty sound to it.
    Lousia- Never thought of this but very regal and sophisticated.
    Martha- I like this okay. I prefer Margaret or Maggie for short.

    Here are a few others..
    Annie- Another comfy classic name. Common but I wouldn't say overused.
    Eliza- Southern country feel to it.
    Pearl- I think it's simple and beautiful.
    Susannah- Biblical but not used much these days.
    Matilda- Also very old fashioned, I don't know of any.
    Millicent- Milly for short. Very southern and old fashioned.
    Caroline- I know it's common, but I just love it. I think Carly is a cute spunky nickname too.
    Talia- Very old fashioned, and pretty!
    Evelyn- Very pretty, used to be a grandma's name not it's due for a come back! Evie is cute too.
    Rosalyn- I just like it, very vintage.
    Adaline- Very Victorian and has a county feel.
    Adalyn- Addie is so sweet, I just love this name!
    Lydia- Lydie is sweet and old fashioned.

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    Re: Would you mind taking a look at my list?

    Cosmicmama - Thanks so much I love your ideas :) I really love Rosalyn and Caroline. My mom's name is Robin, Caroline Robin is pretty . . . I also like your idea of Annie/Anne, it would be a way to honor my sister - Do you all think Anne Smith is too plain though? Let's see, could be Anne Emery Smith or maybe Anna Paige Smith. Anna Ruth? I really love Matilda (how cute it Tilly?) but am a little worried that it might get more popular. Anyway, you have some great country/vintage names to add to my list! I am very pleased that Mabel/Maisie and Dinah are going over fairly well, I really am loving those two right now!

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