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    Re: Yay!!!! Another name game- FUN!

    Susan, you made my day. LOL. :D

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    Re: Yay!!!! Another name game- FUN!

    Boris Horace - very large and, shall I say, not the sharpest knife in the drawer, good at sports and not much else.
    Igor Dexter - very intelligent, obnoxiously so, teachers-pet.
    Percy Pompadieu - the ever-so stylish, girls best friend and shopping partner.
    Otto Rodrigo - the cute, shy artistic kid who sits in the back of class drawing intricate murals on his desk.
    Humphrey Plug - funny, outgoing class clown, as annoying as he is, you gotta love him.
    Mustafa Dirk - the class president, president of every club, thinks he knows whats best.

    Twinkle Gilette - the quirky, fun, outgoing girl who just can never quite figure out.
    Galena McRonald - the popular, preppy, head cheerleader. everyone knows who she is.
    Polka Darlene - editor of the schools newspaper, class gossip, knows everything about everyones business.
    Yvette Rose - the intense student, straight A's, don't mess.
    Ursula Iris - the always unhappy, emo kid.

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