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    Yay!!!! Another name game- FUN!

    Think of character traits for each of these names:

    Boris Horace
    Igor Dexter
    Percy Pompadieu
    Otto Rodrigo
    Humphrey Plug
    Mustafa Dirk

    Twinkle Gilette
    Galena McRonald
    Polka Darlene
    Yvette Rose
    Ursula Iris

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    Re: Yay!!!! Another name game- FUN!

    Boris Horace - Boring, stupid.
    Igor Dexter - Cyclops
    Percy Pompadieu - Rich snobby, wizard
    Otto Rodrigo - Loves Cars
    Humphrey Plug - hits people alot
    Mustafa Dirk - Loves milksharkes

    Twinkle Gilette - Wears sparkles alot
    Galena McRonald - Ballerina
    Polka Darlene - Loves Polka Dots
    Yvette Rose - Perfectionist
    Ursula Iris - Nerd

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    Re: Yay!!!! Another name game- FUN!

    Ah, Susan...LOL...

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    Re: Yay!!!! Another name game- FUN!

    Boris Horace - stubborn, introverted, maniacal
    Igor Dexter - slow, benevolent, easily amused
    Percy Pompadieu- cowardly, elitist, egocentric
    Otto Rodrigo - slick, charismatic, manly
    Humphrey Plug - goofey, naive, lonely (a good name for a tweedy, birdwatching bookworm)
    Mustafa Dirk - shifty, dangerous, womanizer

    Twinkle Gilette - fun loving, capricious, unconventional
    Galena McRonald - conflicted, moody, reserved
    Polka Darlene - dowdy, old fashioned, timid
    Yvette Rose- hipster(ish?), snobbish, energetic
    Ursula Iris - sultry, confident, creative

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    Re: Yay!!!! Another name game- FUN!

    Boris Horace - threw his bottle of milk at the cat in a sinister fashion.
    Igor Dexter - smacks his lips when he sees a snail in the yard.
    Percy Pompadieu - has been known to throw his rubber ducky into the toilet!
    Otto Rodrigo - loves to suck on stray puzzle pieces until they are gray mush.
    Humphrey Plug - his little shirt has shrunk, and now you can see his fat little tummy.
    Mustafa Dirk - gravely watches his daddy shave.

    Twinkle Gilette - sits patiently and lets her mommy paint her toenails pink with glitter.
    Galena McRonald - has been caught blissfully crunching on the dog's dry food.
    Polka Darlene - enjoys licking the kitchen floor.
    Yvette Rose - is afraid of clowns.
    Ursula Iris - got her big fat leg stuck in the crib bars.

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