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Thread: Name Game!!!

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    Re: Name Game!!!

    Ashley Nicole:"Ash" strawberry blonde hair mostly blonde, in the biatchy group at school despite being extremely small for her age 16 very small build extremely fiesty
    Nicole Claire (Nikki): very atheletic in football, but wears skirts regularly and is rarely seen without a daisy chain crown
    Daffodil Grace (Daffi): -...the name speaks for itself :)
    Rose Joy (Rosie): Young single mum to a newborn baby girl, Rosie is 17 and has had a bit of a hard life and although her daughter is only a few weeks old Rosie loves her to death and understands why she was put on the earth she is now coming clean and being the best role model she can be for her daughter
    Lily Hope: extremely pale, piercing green eyes, very quiet and 4 months pregnant, lives with her parents and wears short denim skirts and white singlets and wears her long blonde hair in a soft pony tail
    Alexis Mae (Lexi): A photographer, with a very diff sense of style rainbow streaks and black square framed glasses
    Gabrielle Rae (Gabbie): Works at the local cafe as a waitress
    Leah Marie: Loud daredevil with long black hair and a side fringe that would put any emo to shame she rides motorbikes and has one blue eye and one green eye
    Madelyn Kate: Tall and think with short layered hair and big eyes her legs account for over half of her body, very friendly and laughs alot
    Sophia Allyson: Islamic girl who has just decided to wear the hijab full time, loves reading and is very religious

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    Ashley Nicole:"Ash" Light brown hair. Straight. Green eyes. Has all the popular stuff. Cheerleader. In crowd. Bitchy. Spoiled. Believes she'll be a stay at home mom.

    Nicole Claire (Nikki): Dark brown hair and wavy. Very educated. Loves to read. Great speller, writer, and good at math. Not really into having a boyfriend.

    Daffodil Grace (Daffi): The ditsy one. Enough said.

    Rose Joy (Rosie): Red head. Green eyes. The shy one. pale.

    Lily Hope: extremely pale, piercing green eyes, very quiet and 4 months pregnant, lives with her parents and wears short denim skirts and white singlets and wears her long blonde hair in a soft pony tail'

    Alexis Mae (Lexi): The wild child. Rebel child,

    Gabrielle Rae (Gabbie): Workaholic. Work at the local dinner where the in crowd hangs at. The target of all jokes.

    Leah Marie: Blonde hair. The one that's nice to all. But she's still apart of the in crowd.

    Madelyn Kate: Athletic one.

    Sophia Allyson: The "experienced" child....
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    Ashley Nicole: Curly brown hair and hazel eyes. Neither popular or non-popular, just somewhere in the middle. Friendly. Likes to skate-board. Tom-boy.
    Nicole Claire (Nikki): Black hair and green eyes. Gothic. Loner.
    Daffodil Grace (Daffi): Waist-length white-blonde hair and green eyes. Hippy, Environmentalist, Pacifist, gets very annoyed when the kids at school call her "Daffy Duck", which they have been doing since Pre-K.
    Rose Joy (Rosie): Very short, with nut brown curls and chocolate brown eyes. Pretty. Sweet and shy. A dancer.
    Lily Hope: Red curls and green eyes. Outgoing and smart. A leader.
    Alexis Mae (Lexi): Short brown hair and hazel eyes. A tomboy. Loves sports.
    Gabrielle Rae (Gabbie): Curly brown hair and blue eyes. Very pretty. The typical gum-snapping, queen bee, nasty, stuck-up, head cheerleader, spoiled, rich, head of the popular crowd.
    Leah Marie: Straight brown hair and brown eyes. Kind of shy. Quiet, very smart and loves to read. Strong Christian.
    Madelyn Kate: Blonde curls and blue eyes. Pretty and part of the popular crowd. Stuck up and mean.
    Sophia Allyson: Wavy brown hair and grey eyes. Loves riding horses and dreams of being a professional jockey.

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    Ashley Nicole: She ditched a true friend in fourth grade, and has regretted it since. Has long auburn hair and blue eyes that anyone would kill for. Has some freckles. Wears a pink Juicy jacket everyday and posts on Instagram every day.
    Nicole Claire (Nikki): The definition of a common white girl. She has blonde beach waves, hazel eyes, and wears a ton of mascara. She comes to school every day with Starbucks. Is constantly wearing PINK by Victoria's Secret yoga pants and a sweatshirt.
    Daffodil Grace (Daffi): Everyone is scared to approach her. She has looks to kill. She hates the name her mother gave her, and goes by Daffi, hoping it'll be better. With her mixed skin tone, bright green eyes, and textured brown hair, she's very pretty.
    Rose Joy (Rosie): She never listened in health class, and is constantly getting drunk or smoking. She almost had a kid once, but then she had an abortion. She's very pale, and has piercing ginger colored hair that compliments her brown eyes.
    Lily Hope: A small, skinny sixth grader who still fits in all her clothes from first grade. She has wispy blonde hair and grey eyes. She loves being on stage and decorating things.
    Alexis Mae (Lexi): Very tall girl. She does dance and softball, and thinks she's the master of relationship advice. Her brown hair with bleached tips is constantly in a bun, and her hazel eyes aren't anything special.
    Gabrielle Rae (Gabbie): Curly black hair and blue eyes. Has an obsession with My Little Pony and Minnie Mouse.
    Leah Marie: An average sized half-asian half-african american girl. She has tiny lips and she always wears red lipstick. Everyone thinks she's beautiful. Her brown locks are always curled, and her brown eyes sparkle like fireworks. She's friends with everyone and is a straight A student.
    Madelyn Kate: Goes by Mady. She's great at math. Older sister of Leah Marie and looks just like her.
    Sophia Allyson: A short, skinny, gymnast. She's kind of mean, but at the same time she's nice. Best friends with Ashley Nicole. She has stringy blonde hair and her brown eyes always look like she's had an hour of sleep her whole life.
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