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    Middle name for Eleanor

    We had finally settled on a name, it was a miracle! Eleanor Grace, which we thought was feminine and timeless.

    Then I woke up in the middle of the night and realized that her initials would be EGG, since our last name begins with a 'G'. Now my husband is anti-Grace, although I could let it go.

    Here are a few of our ideas, but we're not in love with any of them:

    Eleanor Catherine
    Eleanor Adrienne
    Eleanor Anne
    Eleanor Quinn (family surname several generations ago)

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    Re: Middle name for Eleanor

    I like Eleanor Catherine best from your list... But here are a few more!

    Eleanor Kay (Although will EKG bother you? Maybe she'll be a cardiologist!)

    Eleanor Maye
    Eleanor Faye
    Eleanor Gray (I am liking these 1 syllable names)

    Eleanor Christine
    Eleanor Hollis
    Eleanor Lourdes
    Eleanor Blithe
    Eleanor Marie
    Eleanor Victoria
    Eleanor Constance
    Eleanor Waverly
    Eleanor Olive
    Eleanor Harper
    Eleanor Caroline
    Eleanor Whitney
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    Re: Middle name for Eleanor

    If you love the sound of Grace you could try:

    Eleanor Chase


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    Re: Middle name for Eleanor

    My grandmother's name is Eleanor Mae...always thought it was so beautiful. And how cute is Ella Mae or Ellie Mae? It just rolls of the tongue and I picture a beautiful sweet little girl.

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    Re: Middle name for Eleanor

    I grew up with the initials ODD so I agree that it's somewhat important to consider initials! However, EGG isn't so bad. If you really love Eleanor Grace I say go for it!

    Eleanor Catherine: very pretty, and has the classic feel you're looking for.

    Eleanor Adrienne: these don't seem to fit. Adrienne (on a girl at least) feels pretty modern to me

    Eleanor Anne: another lovely choice; I like the 3-1 syllable sound.

    Eleanor Quinn: I love Quinn, but with a name ending in -r I think you might need a middle that's a little softer.

    How about:

    Eleanor Jane (love this!)
    Eleanor Celeste
    Eleanor Louise
    Eleanor Violet
    Eleanor Alice
    Eleanor Frances
    Eleanor Cecile

    (I also love the suggestion of Eleanor Mae!)
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