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    thoughts on my sister's name...

    Alexandra Antoinette Marie:
    Can it be separated from Marie Antoinette?
    Antoinette and Marie are family names...
    Some people I've talked to have said the name is ridiculous and unfortunate, others think it's pretty. Just thought I'd open the topic up to some name nerds...

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    Re: thoughts on my sister's name...

    I think as long as Antoinette is first and Marie is next, it's okay. You wouldn't want to name her Marie Antoinette or people will immediately think of Madame Guillotine.

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    Re: thoughts on my sister's name...

    I strongly dislike Alexandra, but Antoinette is stunning! I agree that Antoinette Marie is a little strange, but it's okay in that order. I've never been a fan of Marie as a middle name; it's just not unique. I would totally use Antoinette, though, as either a first or a middle name!

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    Re: thoughts on my sister's name...

    To my ear Alexandra doesn't really go with Antoinette or Marie (Russian then French, French?) but more to the point - I really don't think you can have Antoinette and Marie together - just sounds strange and snags the hear to have the famous names the 'wrong' way round.

    However I love Antoinette. Really pretty. I think it has an Antoinetta variant too (Have a look at Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys - the mother and daughter are both called variants of Antoinette in that and have heaps of nicknames/variants. Tragic book though!)

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    Re: thoughts on my sister's name...

    It is very evocative of Marie Antoinette. Maybe if you used Antonia instead it wouldn't have that association.

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