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    Last name is Buffalo

    Well, we are two weeks away from our due date and are still struggling to find a name for baby. We are not sure if we are having a boy or girl but there are the names we are kicking around. Any other suggestions would be greatly welcomed, especially for boys since that list is pretty small.

    Scarlett Sienna
    Sienna Scarlett
    Cedar Lauren
    Cedar Logan
    Vienna Lexie
    Cypress Eden

    Jett Hudson
    Carter Liam
    Jacob Jett
    I also like Logan, Jonah and Aiden.

    I know that these names, especially for the girls is not common. But it is also tricky to find a name that 'goes' well with Buffalo. We'd love to hear your thoughts and any new suggestions! Thanks!!

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    Re: Last name is Buffalo

    I love your name choices, they are similar to the same style I like. What do you think about names with an O in them to link together with maybe Tabor for a girl and Owen for a boy. Just a thought...

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    Re: Last name is Buffalo

    Of the names you already have, I love Cedar Logan for a boy or girl... and Jonah sounds nice with Buffalo, so does Jacob Jett... maybe its the O's that connect it!! Good luck. : )

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    Re: Last name is Buffalo

    Hi there, and welcome to Nameberry! :-) With Buffalo as a last name, I'd just stay away from using color and place names (and nouns/adjectives in general). If, however, you're aiming for a Native American feel, I think nouns would definitely be appropriate.

    Scarlett Sienna: While Scarlett is lovely, I wouldn't pair two colors together in one name. Likewise, Scarlett Buffalo sounds like someone is talking about a red buffalo.

    Sienna Scarlett: See above.

    Cedar Lauren: I wouldn't use a noun with Buffalo, and Lauren is dated.

    Cedar Logan: See above...

    Vienna Lexie: I definitely wouldn't use Vienna, a place name, with Buffalo, as it sounds like she's two cities.

    Cypress Eden: See above.

    Jett Hudson: You've got the noun and place name issue here, too.
    Carter Liam: I suppose Carter could work with Buffalo!
    Jacob Jett: Jacob would be my pick with Buffalo.

    Logan: Logan Buffalo could work...

    Jonah: I vote for either Jonah or Jacob Buffalo...

    Aiden: Aidan is quite overused, but I think it's a lovely name.

    Of your boys' choices, I like Jacob and Jonah Buffalo, and of the trendy name, I think Logan Buffalo really works!

    Anna Buffalo
    Audrey Buffalo
    Adeline Buffalo
    Aurora Buffalo
    Catherine Buffalo
    Charlotte Buffalo
    Claire Buffalo
    Danika Buffalo
    Eve Buffalo
    Fiona Buffalo
    Grace Buffalo
    Jane Buffalo
    Julia Buffalo
    Lila Buffalo
    Mariel Buffalo
    Natalie Buffalo
    Olivia Buffalo (Olivia is popular, but this actually sounds pretty cool!)
    Rosalie Buffalo
    Sophia Buffalo
    Stella Buffalo
    Sasha Buffalo
    Tamsin Buffalo
    Vivienne Buffalo
    Viveka Buffalo
    Zara Buffalo

    Trendy Styles:
    Avery Buffalo
    Ainsley Buffalo
    Blakely Buffalo
    Camden Buffalo
    Cambrie Buffalo
    Delaney Buffalo
    Ellery Buffalo
    Finley Buffalo
    Hadley Buffalo
    Isaly Buffalo
    Jensen Buffalo
    Jamison Buffalo
    Keira Buffalo
    Peyton Buffalo
    Quincy Buffalo
    Rowan Buffalo
    Sawyer Buffalo
    Schuyler/Skylar Buffalo

    Boys' names:
    Alexander Buffalo
    Charles Buffalo
    Conrad Buffalo
    Dexter Buffalo
    Everett Buffalo
    Elias Buffalo (I think Eli Buffalo is cool!)
    Edward Buffalo
    Emmett Buffalo
    Elliott Buffalo
    Gideon Buffalo
    Henry Buffalo
    Isaac Buffalo
    James Buffalo
    Jasper Buffalo
    Kellan Buffalo
    Luke Buffalo
    Nathaniel Buffalo
    Quinlan Buffalo
    Quinten Buffalo
    Samuel Buffalo
    Sebatian Buffalo
    Theodore Buffalo
    Vincent Buffalo
    Victor Buffalo
    William Buffalo
    Wilson Buffalo
    Wyatt Buffalo (although this may be too Wild, Wild West!)

    Connor Buffalo
    Carson Buffalo
    Dalton Buffalo
    Finley Buffalo
    Griffin Buffalo
    Jameson Buffalo
    Kirby Buffalo
    Mason Buffalo
    Miller Buffalo
    Preston Buffalo
    Sawyer Buffalo
    Sullivan Buffalo
    Weston Buffalo
    Walker Buffalo (I'm not sure about this one...)

    Good luck to you! :-)

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