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    Name of the Day- March Edition

    So now March has come to a close, and there were many interesting Name of the Day choices featured. I've actually kept track of them.

    Tillie, Chloe, Fay, Walker, Brett, Livia, Freya, Oscar, West, Baird, Allegra, Elliot, Kerensa, Artemis, Talia, Jocasta, Bethany, Barney, Bartleby, Rose, Linden, Delilah, Silas, Paris, Topaz, Blue, King, Almond, Yves, Lily, and Jessamine

    You can mix and match any of these Names of the Day, plus those of other months, to name 2 boys and 2 girls.

    I choose:

    Girls- Delilah Rose and Jessamine Chloe
    Boys- Elliot Yves and Caleb Hudson (from another month)

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