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    So I need help! I have a 4 year old boy named Vincent (Vince, Vinny) and am expecting a little girl. We went with Vincent the first time around a)because I'm Italian and it's a good Italian name (though that's NOT a requirement) and b)because we wanted a name that was not too popular or trendy without being unheard of or hard to spell (a good solid, classic name). This time around, we'd love the same thing but are having a hard time. I LOVE Stella (middle name Jane for my mom) but fear it's rising popularity. Here are some other names that we're considering: Scarlet, Adriana, Cassandra (nn Cassie). Oh and our last name is Divine - so nothing that ends in "ine" like Clementine Divine :P Thanks!!!

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    Re: Stella...

    Last name is Divine.
    Choices: Stella, Scarlet, Adriana, Cassandra nn Cassie.
    First of all, I love the name Vincent! One of my favorites.
    Since your last name is Divine, I think you need to be very careful in choosing your daughter's name. It's important to choose a first name that is sober and serious to counterbalance your last name which sounds very John Waters, I have to say.
    For example:
    Stella Divine - sounds a bit too wild and crazy for anybody to live up to.
    Scarlet Divine - I would stay away from this combo. This goes way beyond Stella Divine.
    Adriana Divine - this works. Doesn't sound risque. Sounds like she is a lovely girl.
    Cassandra Divine - I think this would be fine, but I'm not sure. Let's see what the other posters think. Personally I wouldn't choose this.

    Other ideas:
    Let's try something really serious, like a waitress in a diner-
    Mabel Divine
    Hazel Divine
    Or what about a name that's headed for Harvard:
    Alice Divine
    Margarita Divine - I put Margarita instead of Margaret so it would sound more Italian.
    Francis or Francesca Divine nn Francie
    Or what about just a cool but sober suburban name:
    Gemma Divine - I love this!
    Hollis Divine
    Esme Divine
    Camille nn Millie Divine
    Carmen Divine - more tame than Scarlett Divine even though Carmen means "red". I've come back to edit this. I wouldn't use it. I don't like combining red with divine. Sounds odd to me. Need something more sober and innocuous.
    Lucia nn Lucy Divine - very pretty!
    Natalia nn Talia Divine - pretty, too!
    Bad ideas:
    Viola Divine - ummm...this is sounding too much like Stella Divine. Sounds a bit Las Vegas-ish. Need to stay away from that I think.
    Eden Divine - not good, because sounds too divine. See what I mean? Too much to live up to, and people would always make stupid comments about it.
    Your last name is really amazing and gorgeous, but it's kind of like dynamite, so you have to be careful with it!

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    Re: Stella...

    Thank you for your thoughtful reply. Really like the suggestions and I guess I haven't give much thought to the last name (I married into it and am still very in love with it!) but it's a very good point. My husband was pushing for Millie but I HATE Mildred so Camille would be a good alternative though I'm still not sold. Just a side note - Adriana is a family name (on my side) though it has a bit of tragedy surrounding it but it's really starting to grow on me. Would Ada be an acceptable nickname for this? (I'm kinda big on nicknames) And how does the full name "Adriana Jane Divine" sound to everybody? Thanks!

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    Re: Stella...

    My husband likes Milly too - I'm like you, it needs a full name. I like Camille a lot - and sounds like it would be a good compromise. Would you use Jane as a mn there too? Camille Jane Divine is really beautiful. I also like Adriana Jane Divine a lot too though. You have some great choices!

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    Re: Stella...

    Camille is pretty close to Camilla which sounds somehow overly dramatic. Though Millie is a cute nickname. I feel like any name ending in "lah" makes me thnk of cruella deville. I like the suggestions that are simple and sweet like Lucy, but Frances nn Frankie also sounds cool. I like Adrienne better than Adriana, but think that Adriene Jane is quite lovely ..

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    Re: Stella...

    Adriana Jane Devine is nice! And I think Ada is ADAorable! ;)

    A few other suggestions for Vincent's little sister:

    Alessandra Jane Divine
    Antonia Jane Divine
    Carolina Jane Divine
    Cecilia Jane Divine
    Gabriella Jane Divine
    Gianna Jane Divine
    Juliana ___ Divine
    Lorenza Jane Divine
    Sabrina Jane Divine
    Proud mama to Lucia Marie (3) and Halle Regina born July 12th!

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    Re: Stella...

    Susan summed it up beautifully :). Divine is a tricky last name, but I'm sure you'll find the perfect first name to suit it. For me, when I hear a truly feminine-sounding name (very, very long, ending in a) with Divine, it kind of has that sex kitten/showgirl vibe. To my ear, the key is finding a feminine, yet not overly feminine, name.

    Annabel Divine
    Amelia Divine
    Alice Divine
    Anneliese Divine
    Charlotte Divine
    Elizabeth Divine
    Eleanor Divine
    Evelyn Divine
    Genevieve Divine (may be pushing it...)
    Julia Divine
    Josephine Divine
    Katherine Divine
    Louisa Divine
    Lydia Divine
    Lillian Divine
    Mariel Divine (perhaps Maisie as a nn?)
    Phoebe Divine
    Susannah Divine
    Tess Divine
    Vivienne Divine (although this may be pushing it)
    Victoria Divine (this may be pushing it, too)

    Good luck! :-)

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    Re: Stella...

    Adriana Jane nn Ada is very cute! I also liked the suggestions of Charlotte Jane and Eleanor Jane nn Nell or Nellie.

    Amelia Jane nn Millie
    Bianca Jane
    Lucia Jane nn Lucy
    Luca Jane (I know generally a boys name in Italy is gaining some popularity in the states as a girls name)
    Niccola Jane nn Nico
    Paola Jane

    I tried to list some nicknames since you said you really like nicknames! Good Luck!

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    Re: Stella...

    If I were you, I would name her Isabella Divine. I know Isabella is very popular right now, but that is only because it is so gorgeous. I love the meaning "Devoted to God" and it is a beautiful Italian name! My second suggestion would be Sophia Devine. By the way, Devine is a lovely last name.

    May God Bless you and your family!

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    Re: Stella...

    Yes, the last name Divine is tricky, but it's also wonderful: What a great name to go through life with! And if we're really opening up the field of names here, I think in general the 3 plus syllable first names sound better than two syllable names with Divine, especially as you want to use Jane as a middle name. The best rhythm is the poetic hexameter -- 3-1-2. So rather than Camille Jane Divine, I prefer Camilla Jane Divine. I like all of erinpurple's ideas -- Antonia, Lucia etc. Isabella however is pandemic.
    Pam Redmond

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