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Thread: milo- wdyt?

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    milo- wdyt?

    and middle name???

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    Re: milo- wdyt?

    I love Milo. He's current, yes (548 in 2007) but older too (highest rank ever: 314 in 1892!). Jaunty, sweet & masculine. I think he also feels a bit nicknamey. Won't kill a kid, but Miles, nn Milo gives him a formal option. And I'm all about Options! :)

    I think Milo works best with longer middles. Some random thoughts:

    Milo Julian
    Milo Maximilian
    Milo Alexander
    Milo Constantine
    Milo Alasdair
    Milo Raphael
    Milo Solomon
    Milo Amadeus
    Milo Ferdinand
    Milo Jonathan
    Milo Christopher
    Milo Nathaniel
    Milo Phineas
    Milo Theodore
    Milo Taliesin
    Milo Lysander
    Milo Lazarus (I may swipe this!)
    Milo Ishmael
    Milo Ignatius (a family name for me, I may swipe this one too!)
    Milo Benjamin

    See, anything three or more sounds awesome. I suppose one syllable would work too, but I'm not sure I like it myself, some examples:

    Milo George
    Milo Graham
    Milo Hugh
    Milo Beau
    Milo Blaise
    Milo James
    Milo John
    Milo Keir
    Milo Klaus
    Milo Pierce
    Milo Rhys
    Milo Scott
    Milo Hayes
    Milo Dean
    Milo Flynn
    Milo Claude (ooh, I may swipe this one too!)
    Milo Charles
    Milo Boone

    So, maybe that works too, depending on how long your surname is. I hope that helped some!

    Edited because a personal spellcheck doesn't always catch them all first shot!

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    Like the first poster, I prefer Miles as a more formal option - better for a kid to grow into. I do like Milo a lot, but there's a voice in the back of my head that just keeps going back to the movie Milo and Otis, and associating Milo with a pet's name. (Sorry to be brutally honest)

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    It's cute, but I still automatically think of dogs.

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