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    vacation names

    When I was young one of my favorite places to go was to Mexico. We would board the train in Mexicali and travel three days until we got to Mexico City. Then we would take a candy-colored taxi with a mini statue of the Virgin Mary on the furry dashboard and big fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror down the mountain, all the way to lush and green Cuernavaca, filled with flowers and squawking parrots. We would stay in Cuernavaca for a whole month, taking side trips from time to time. There were many wonderful restaurants and places in Mexico that had gorgeous names. Here are some of them:
    Merida - a city in Yucatan
    Veracruz - two great names in one city which is on the Gulf of Mexico.
    La India Bonita - a Hungarian-Mexican restaurant in Cuernavaca. India and Bonita are lovely!
    Monterey - a city in Northern Mexico
    Magdalena - a city near Guadalahara which was where the observation car was attached to the end of the train that we were traveling on. There was a bar where we could buy sandwiches and sodas. It was much cooler than the diner car with the hot kitchen and the heavy tablecloths.
    Shirley Jean's - a restaurant in Mexico City that had animal heads hanging on the walls. Okay both of those names are out of style, but I predict that Shirley could hit the hipster list in a few years.
    Casa Beltran - the little tienda where we bought sandals every year. Actually Beltrano is the Spanish form of Bertram!
    Chamela - a city on the Pacific coast of Mexico.
    San Miguel de Allende - I've heard Cuernavaca isn't that pretty anymore, but San Miguel de Allende is the new Cuernavaca. Miguel is a great alternative to Michael.
    Quintana Roo, a state next to Yucatan inspires me to think of the name Quinn. The popular tourist destination Cozumel is in Quintana Roo.
    Ciudad Juarez - next to El Paso, Texas. Juarez would be an incredible boy's name!
    Nuevo Laredo - next to Laredo, Texas. Laredo would be a great boy's name, too.
    Baja California - Baja is an ultra-cool place name.

    I will add some more Mexico names soon. Is there a vacation spot you love? Are there gorgeous names associated with your vacation spot that you could tell us about?

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    Re: vacation names

    India Bonita is so romanticlove it! Magdalena is actually a family name so I would definitely consider it for a daughter (and it would make a good sibling for brother Luca, unless she gets the nn Lena!).

    I actually know of a girl named Cozumel because that's where her parents met!
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