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Thread: Letitia is out!

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    Letitia is out!

    Oh boy. We had picked Letitia out for girl #2, possible as a middle name with the first name Sarah, since that's an old combo in my mother's family. I knew that I had a few second cousins with that combo, but it didn't bother me. Recently our family has been playing on and I can now see that Letitia has not only remained in every branch of the family, but is quite oversaturated... I'm talking dozens, including probably close to twelve living Letitias. That's just the ones that are using it as a first name; it's used in the middle, too. And it's not this huge, sprawling family tree; the most distant relative is a fourth cousin.

    So, I've really had the wind taken out of my sails. :( I thought my daughter would carry on a name largely forgotten by the majority of the family. So, back to the drawing board. Some names that could use a revival in the family include Clarissa, Henrietta and Beryl. I am really pushing for Beryl as Clarissa and Henrietta are too twee, probably because they remind me of children's television characters. I don't hate either though, and would definitely consider either in the middle.

    So, any combos with Beryl, Clarissa and Henrietta?

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    Re: Letitia is out!

    Endless possibilities with these names! I really like Beryl as a first name. Henrietta nn Hattie would be adorable also. I love Hattie. You could do Henrietta Beryl. I dont so much care for Clarissa but it is still a pretty name. Any of the names would work as a middle name depending on the first. Do you still want to use Sarah? If so I think Sarah Beryl would work but there are so many more possibilities.

    Beryl Elizabeth
    Beryl Jane
    Beryl Marie
    Beryl Corinne
    Beryl Amelia
    Beryl Hollis
    Beryl Grace
    Beryl Charlotte
    Beryl Imogen
    Beryl Frances
    Beryl Francesca
    Beryl Rose
    Beryl Juliet
    Beryl Emmeline
    Beryl Olivia
    Beryl Violet

    Henrietta Beryl
    Henrietta Jane
    Henrietta Eve
    Henrietta Grace
    Henrietta Claire
    Henrietta Isobel
    Henrietta Mirabelle
    Henrietta Pearl

    Good Luck!

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    Re: Letitia is out!

    I have to say, I like Henrietta most, Clarissa second, and Beryl third. Too bad about Letitia -- that's a great one. And I think Henrietta Beryl sounds great.
    Pam Redmond

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    Re: Letitia is out!

    I love the name Beryl.

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    Re: Letitia is out!

    We do like Sarah, but it wouldn't be our first choice, honestly. It was only in contention because it's been paired with Letitia for generations.

    Another name we love is Maria. Is Maria Henrietta too... European Empress sounding?

    Edit - Thanks for all the combos Zard. Lots of nice combos there. I love Beryl Hollis! A lot! But my aunt's brother is named Hollis and he's, um, a bit weird. LOL

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    Re: Letitia is out!

    Well darn for Beryl Hollis! Hollis is a new fav of mine. While I like Maria and Henrietta I think there are better combinations with the names you have. Maria Beryl maybe?

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    I like Henrietta.

    What about Berry, instead of Beryl.

    Berry Lucia?

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    I vote Henrietta

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    Beryl is our realtor's husband, so the only thing that springs to mind when I hear it is an elderly male doctor.

    I love Clarissa, with Henrietta second.

    Out of curiosity, how often do you see the other Letitias in the family? If it's a rare thing to see one of them, you might reconsider.

    Good luck!

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