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    Help, my husband wants "Rachel"

    ....not that there's anything WRONG with that.

    But I lean towards the extreme with baby names. 4 of my other five kids have very unusual names, the most normal among them being Bronwen for my oldest daughter. (nickname: Buffy). I worry that a really normal name will stand out, and I'm also really selfish and was hoping this would be my chance to have a Seraphina or a Dove-Isabeau.

    So, yes, I'm the one carrying this baby; yes, I'm the baby name addict and my husband barely tolerates baby names; but if this next baby is a girl, it will be Daughter #4 and he has always, always, always loved the name Rachel.


    He objects to Raquel, Rakel, or Rachelle.

    No Ray/Rae because my dad is a Ray and lives nearby, and we agreed a long time ago that while it's sweet to name a kid after a living relative, it's weird to say "I'm going to change Ray's diaper" as though said older relative were having some incontinence issues.

    He MAY allow Relle/Rella/Relly as a nickname.

    Suggestions? Comments? What y'all think of the Rella solution?

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    Re: Help, my husband wants "Rachel"

    That's interesting because Rachel was on our list for our daughter Laura. My husband chose Laura. No matter what name I suggested he only wanted Laura. I finally gave in because he is adopted and an only child with two parents who were only children. So he has very few relatives. I have a ton of relatives. Plus my father didn't like my name and I hated that. For me it was very healing to let my husband choose our daughter's name. I chose her middle name. Most posters have heard this story already, but I don't think you have so I wrote it again. I think Rachel is a very pretty name although it is slightly dated. If my husband loved it that much, I would be willing to name my daughter Rachel even nowadays. Of course it would be easy for our family to get away with the name Rachel because we live in L.A., and I think it has been less popular here than in many other parts of the country.

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    Re: Help, my husband wants "Rachel"

    You could also share your concerns with your husband that Rachel will stick out amongst your other children, or you could tell him that Rachel is still too close to your father's name. Using Rachel as a middle name is another option, too.

    I think it's important that you both love whatever name you choose for your child, so maybe you could find a name you both adore.

    I do like Rella, but what about Rafaela/Rafaella/Raphaella?

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    Re: Help, my husband wants "Rachel"

    Here's a low-handed but valid argument: Since Rachel was very popular in the 80s and early 90s, but started to dip ten years ago, people will always assume that your Rachel is significantly older than she is. Not a great name image to bestow on a child.
    Pam Redmond

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    Re: Help, my husband wants "Rachel"

    If your husband loves Rachel, maybe he would also like:
    Veronica nn Vera - to me this has a similar feel. Sounds strong and there's an "r" in it. Veronica is one of my favorites!
    Dinah - biblical and cool
    Miriam nn Miri - ditto
    Naomi - ditto, my husband loves this name, but I don't care for it. If he had wanted to use this name I just wouldn't have gone for it. But I know it's a very pretty name to most people. I don't know why I don't like it. Maybe too many vowels for me.
    Carmen - this name has an "r" in it and sounds very strong to me. I love Carmen a lot.
    Laura - It's a classic, and now I really love it. It's gorgeous!
    Marin - I've been really liking this name lately. It has a strong sound, and there's that "r" again. Doesn't end in an "a", the same as Rachel. I think it is distinctive for a girl's name not to end in an "a", a "y", or an "ie".
    Hollis - I have been suggesting this a lot lately. But I think it's a great name.
    Honor - virtue name
    Chloe - this is a biblical name, but it isn't from the Old Testament. It's Greek.
    Anna - has a classic, no nonsense feeling. Nice and short. But I don't think you would like it. Too simple, maybe you would like Anneliese and then you could call her Anna for short sometimes.
    Iris - on hipster list, but I just love it!
    Tabitha - means gazelle. Rachel means ewe. Slightly similar animals that both love to graze. Both are peaceful animals anyway. Biblical name.
    Frances nn Francie - I just love this name! I am crazy about it. My husband hates it of course.
    Paloma - means dove. Peaceful like Rachel's meaning.
    Georgia - on the hipster list in case it matters. So pretty.
    Persia - just thought I'd throw it out there.
    Susannah nn Sanna - Biblical and of course I love it since my name is Susan.
    Christina - it is a bit dated, but really it's timeless. I don't really like it though for nowadays. Sounds too conservative.
    Charlotte - this name reminds me a lot of Rachel. It's two syllables and it has the "r", the "l", and the "ch" in it. It is a soft "ch" sound though. It does have the word harlot in the middle of it, if that bothers you. Charlotte is a gorgeous name!
    Clara - so gorgeous, one of my very favorite names.
    Alice - ditto. I am wild about Alice.

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    Re: Help, my husband wants "Rachel"

    Thanks for the time you guys put into replying! :)

    I've gone over all those names before--Raphaela, which I love; Tabitha, Honor (that one's been on my short list for 7 years), Dove, etc.

    I mean we have talked about baby names for hours and hour and hours. I've been pregnant a lot and addicted to names a lotter. :)

    He is okay with Laura and Clara. Tabitha and Dinah he feels are iffy (I know, I love 'em too). He likes Seraphina, especially because I love it so much; no matter how much I love Sunniva, he feels that's a no-go.

    But he really. really. really. loves Rachel. And it has to be Rachel. Maybe Rachael. But never anything but the one, the only, Rachel.

    Me, I have to admit that I don't like the -aitch sound in it. One of my best friends is named Rachel, and it is a lovely name for her, but I still have Tourette's of the mind where every time I hear "Rachel" a little voice whispers "Raunchy".

    I told my husband this, gently, and he shrugged and said, "Okay, let's just not have more kids."


    So....I'm glad to know you guys think Rella sounds okay. I have broached having Rachel as the middle name, and he's very MEH about it, like, "Okay, I understand I mean less to you than the baby name addiction does."

    And...just to point out how very selfish I am....we HAVE had three other daughters already, named Bronwen, Hilani and Sakura. No Rachels yet. Poor hubby.

    So I may just have to live with a Raunchy. I am clinging to the "Rella" rope as a way of talking my selfish self into it. If you guys think Rella sunds okay (imagine how cute poking their tummy and telling them it's their "Relly button" :D ) then I think I can persuade myself.

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    Re: Help, my husband wants "Rachel"

    I do really love the name Rachel or Rachael even if it is a little dated. It is lovely!

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    Re: Help, my husband wants "Rachel"

    My mom's name is Rachel and loves her name, and I'm 21 and I love the name as well. Relly or Rella is very cute. I also don't think that Rachel is one of those names that can be dated. Although it got super popular, it is kind of like Sarah...biblical and classic and can't really have a total time stamp on it even when overused because it has always been used. I know three Rachels: My mom, someone my age, and a baby. They all work well to me. I think that your husband has been amazing about names so far (my boyfriend rejects most of the names I like because they are too out there). Although Rachel's name will not be as unique as the other girls, she will have something special that she will love, having her daddy's favorite name in the whole world :) If you do decide to go with Rachel, you should work on coming totally to terms with it so that you don't resent hubby for it at all...he will appreciate it so so much.

    also, I really like Rachel pretty!

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    Re: Help, my husband wants "Rachel"

    That's so true--he HAS been remarkably nice about names for our kids so far. Very willing to compromise.

    Thanks for telling me about liking Rachel.

    This tells me I need to just get over myself and look at the positives here. You're right--how special for a kid to grow up, knowing their name is their Daddy's favorite.

    Thanks again.

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    Re: Help, my husband wants "Rachel"

    i love the name rachel... and actually i know quite a few people named rachel and they are all lovely. rachel seraphina IS beautiful :]
    Favorite girl names: Estella, Marielle, Carys, Doutzen, Mireille, Edith, Saskia, Eve, Sienna, Cosima, Winnie, Delphine, Meredith, Sylvie, Sloane

    Favorite boy names: Otto, Owen, Aaron, Daniel, Henry, Adam, Seth, Abram/Bram, Johan, Johannes, Sven, George, Adlai, Adam

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