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    dolls' and stuffed animals' names

    What were your favorite dolls' and stuffed animals' names when you were little? You could share the official names of the dolls and stuffed animals or you could tell us what names you thought of for them.

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    Re: dolls' and stuffed animals' names

    Ooh, fun! My very first doll was named Pink Baby, and she was accompanied by Cow Blanket, which, obviously, had horses on it. I had a crop of Cabbage Patch Kids; the first one I renamed Cathy (why???), but the others I left with their "official names," which, if you recall Cabbage Patch Kids, are always a bit odd. One was Raphael Cecil, another was Louis (my mother insisted it was pronounced Looey), and the last one was Garnett Dody (called Jody). I had about a million stuffed animals, though at the moment all I can remember are Cleveland (named for his city of origin) and Alexander Graham Bell.

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    Re: dolls' and stuffed animals' names

    Melissa, your mom was right, Louis *is* lou-ee. Lewis is lou-is.

    Me, the first animal I recall was Zelda, the grey elephant with the pink ears & blue eyes. then the purple dog named Porfirio. Mama said Porfirio meant Purple and I ran with it. I've had a ton of stuffed animals over the years and couldn't recall them all if I wanted to, but I do remember these few too:
    Jerry - a white teddy
    Ewa - a little white lamb
    Bathsheba - another sheep, this one pink
    Winston - a Green dragon
    Llewellyn - a blue dragon
    Humphrey - a hedgehog
    Bela - a bat
    Aloysius - a grey Aardvark

    I still have Winston & Llewellyn, Humphrey, Bela & Aloysius. They sit on my headboard and keep watch.

    Josie's newest are Bluebell - which is actually a stuffed dolly (blonde pigtails and a pink dress), Dermot - a green frog with hearts all over him in deeper green and Petunia - a glittery, pink build-a-bear unicorn. She's got a ton more but the standards are :Floyd, a pink bear (get it?), Coco, the puppet dog, Duncan, the big brown bear and Chester, the snow leopard. The other animals seem to change names every time I ask ut those few are constant.
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    Re: dolls' and stuffed animals' names

    Stuffed Animals:
    teddy bear "Teddy", still have it. Looks like it's been through the wars.
    My husband still has his Snoopy, and it is gray because he slept with it every night for many years. Long before I met him!
    dog my grandpa gave me, "Freckle Nose", still have it. One day many years ago, its ear fell off and was on the floor. I didn't know what it was and tossed it. Several days later I realized it was Freckle Nose's ear! :-(
    My son's tiger which is a Steiff but looks very old and lumpy now is named "Mr. Tiger" but Peter used to call him "Mixter Tiger".
    My daughter's fave stuffed animal is "Pink Teddy" but my cousin called it "Pink Turdy" because it was kind of dirty. That made Laura almost cry because at the time we were visiting my cousin she was quite young.
    My new stuffed animal kitty from Mexico is named "Felix". I don't really like that name for it. I need to change it to something else.

    My husband called his G.I. Joes "Joes". They were all named Joe. He still has them at his mom's house.
    Every time I played with my Barbies I named them different names.
    But I had a bunch of Joan Walsh Anglund dolls and I always called them by their official names. I had Friend, Christmas, Cowboy, and one whose name I forget although I still have all of them up in the loft in a box.
    My sister had two hideous little smiling dolls which she named Flossie and Freddie. They had the ugliest little bottoms!
    I have a little family of Japanese wooden dolls on my dresser. A mom, two sons, and a daughter. I need a daddy doll for them, but I haven't found one that I love. I haven't named them. I kind of like it that they don't have names. They are now my favorite dolls. All my other dolls are put away in boxes. Mostly Barbie and friends.

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    Re: dolls' and stuffed animals' names

    I named my first dolly Baby Anne, and my later dolls were Katherine, Rose, Grace, and other classic names.

    I had a stuffed monkey named Marvin, and a smaller one I named Molly.

    I kept my Cabbage Patch Kids' given names, which were: Zebedee Douglas, Lorenzo Adrian, Toby Katherine, Sheri Jane, Christine Jan, and Gene Mindy (although I did change it to Jean).

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