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    Is 'Amber' Out of Style???


    We are planning to name our little girl Amber, last name Chan. Do you think it is 'out of style' as indicated on Nameberry? I just love this name and it is one of the few that both my husband and I agree on.

    Also, I would love to hear middle name suggestions! So far I am thinking Amber Grace, Amber Leanne, or Amber Joelle. However I feel that there must be something better out there that I'm not thinking of.

    Thanks for your help in advance!


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    Re: Is 'Amber' Out of Style???

    Yes, Amber is certainly out of style. That doesn't make it a bad choice, it's just something you have to bear in mind when selecting it. Most Ambers today are having babies rather than *being* babies. :) Just remember that "style" only means popularity, and it's not, in fact, very popular these days when Bella and Addison rule the roost. If you love the name, use it, bottom line.

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    Re: Is 'Amber' Out of Style???

    Melissa is totally right on. Amber is definitely out of style, but that doesn't mean you can't use it. I know Rose is really overdone, but I think Amber Rose is pretty.

    Amber Rose
    Amber Faye
    Amber Elizabeth
    Amber Beatrix
    Amber Caroline
    Proud mama to two sweet boys:

    Dashiell David Rowe
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    Re: Is 'Amber' Out of Style???

    Maybe you would like Camden, Cambria, or Avalon. Or maybe you would like Gemma. "M" is a lovely sound with "b". Hmmm... what else is there? There's:
    Emma - no "b" and it's too popular, but I really love it.
    Tamsin - Just reminds me a bit of Amber.
    Amandine - means almond, a very warm meaning like Amber.
    Hazel - very warm, autumnal.
    Mabel - could be a nickname for Amabel
    Evelyn, again, a very warm name, means Hazelnut.
    I will look up some names that mean fire or warmth or hearth. I looked them up and couldn't find anything that sounded good. But maybe you would like:
    Melina - such a warm name and it means quince yellow. Yellow is kind of a similar color to amber.
    I will look in my Laura Wattenburg book.She has a section called "Charms and Graces" which I think is what you're looking for. A few selections from that section are:
    These are again very warm and charming names.

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    Re: Is 'Amber' Out of Style???

    Like others said, poor Amber is definitely out of style. What about Amberly or Amelia? If you're in to gem names, what about Ruby or Pearl instead of Amber?

    Good luck! :-)

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    Re: Is 'Amber' Out of Style???

    Know what? Amber is a bit out of style but feels right at home with the Rubys, Pearls & Opals out there now (Opal is just starting to come back, I think. I know two of them born within the last year!). And I like Amber, warm, friendly and happy.

    I'm a big fan of family names in the middle but if you're not, some random thoughts for you:

    Amber Josephine
    Amber Frances
    Amber Theresa
    Amber Lorraine
    Amber Giselle
    Amber Susannah
    Amber Catherine
    Amber Patricia
    Amber Helena
    Amber Penelope
    Amber Vivien
    Amber June
    Amber Lily
    Amber Diana

    At least there's a few ideas, anything jump out at you? I could probably dig out a few more if you like!

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    Re: Is 'Amber' Out of Style???

    I personally feel like Amber could be a better middle name with Chan. Something with more syllables for the first name like Vivien Amber Chan sounds prettier and more distinctive to me... no offense! :)

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    Re: Is 'Amber' Out of Style???

    Hi - I think if Amber is the name you love, you should use it! You never know when or sometimes even why a name will go in/out of style. I am an Emily ... when my parents picked Emily, it was not popular and all my Aunts told them it was ugly!

    However, if you are looking for something unique, I really like using other languages ... for example Amber in Italian is Ambra and would be different, but you could even still call her Amber. In Spanish, it is Ambarina. This would be good because it has more syllables to go with your last name.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Is 'Amber' Out of Style???

    I like the suggestion of Ambra! That is very nice.

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    Re: Is 'Amber' Out of Style???

    I like Ambra! But if Amber is THE name for you then go for it!

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