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Thread: WDYT of Tatum

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    WDYT of Tatum

    A girl that I went to highschool with has a daughter named Tatum, which got me to thinking about this name. I think it is such a cute name! My favorite combo is Tatum Rose. WDYT-about the name/combo and what would you name a sibling to Tatum? (The names Avery and Austin are out).
    Also, from a previous post, I absolutely love the name Genevieve, but I am not sure if Tatum and Genevieve (the combo would be Genevieve Tula) sound good together. Could you please let me know.
    Thank you so much!

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    Re: WDYT of Tatum

    I don't think Tatum fits with Genevieve, I don't like Tatum

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    Re: WDYT of Tatum

    I love Tatum. Here are some suggestions for mn with it:
    Tatum Grace
    Tatum Beatrice/Beatrix
    Tatum Emmeline
    Tatum Seraphina
    Tatum Evangeline
    Tatum Amelia
    Tatum Lillith

    Hope some of those help. Good luck!

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    Re: WDYT of Tatum

    i think tatum is one of those names that you either love or hate. i can see how it's got a lot of "cool" potential, but for some reason, i just don't think it sounds pretty enough for a little girl.

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    Re: WDYT of Tatum

    I think Tatum is a great name! I am not so sure how well it fits with Genevieve. I think they could work together though.

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    Re: WDYT of Tatum

    Genevieve as Tatum do not go together, as Genevieve is a feminine, classic/vintage name, and Tatum is a manly Irish name. Both names have their appeal, of course, so you need to pick the name (and style) that works for you. I don't hate Tatum, but I don't love it, either.

    Some names that work as middles for Tatum (mainly Isish names):

    Tatum Aveline
    Tatum Adele
    Tatum Connolley
    Tatum Finley
    Tatum Fiona
    Tatum Finola
    Tatum Greer
    Tatum Hadley
    Tatum Harper
    Tatum Jane
    Tatum Josephine
    Tatum Katherine
    Tatum Louise
    Tatum Margaret
    Tatum Olivia
    Tatum Roseline
    Tatum Rosaleen
    Tatum Violet

    The above names (particularly the Irish ones) work with Tatum as siblings, along with other Irish (or unisex names) like Bronwyn, Tierney, Sheridan, Maeve, etc....

    Good luck! :-)

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    Re: WDYT of Tatum

    Thank you for all of your wonderful input and suggestions! I think we will be staying with Genevieve as it works best with our style and I think goes the best with our boy's name, Charles.

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