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Thread: Final Four

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    Re: Final Four

    Ariella Rose is my favorite, with Thea Belle my second ... but I think it needs a longer middle name. I would go with like Thea Josephine or Thea Amelia (but some people don't like back to back 'A's ... I love it though :) I just heard about a baby girl named Bella Amia which is what gave me the idea.
    Rosalyn is not my taste, but I do see how Rosalyn Clara would be a classically beautiful name.

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    Re: Final Four

    Roselyn Claire, but if it were me I think I would spell it Rosalind Claire. Lately I love names that end in a consonant and then a "d". "D" could be the new "V"!

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    Re: Final Four

    Love Clio/Cleo Marie. Either spelling works in my opinion. I also like Thea Belle. All of your choices are beautiful though! I know how hard it is to find the perfect name!

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    Re: Final Four

    I vote for Thea Belle. I like that a lot.

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    Re: Final Four

    I have two favorites:

    Thea Belle
    Roselyn Clara

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