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Thread: circus names

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    Re: circus names

    bareback rider - Jojo
    performing elephant - Paul
    elephant tamer - Pip
    flame eater - Markus
    acrobats - Jim & Jill
    trapeze artists - Halle
    ringmaster - Dean
    clowns - Ernie
    bearded lady - Monroe
    lion tamer - Remy
    lion - King
    strong man - Harris

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    bareback rider-Jasmine
    performing elephant- Daphne (sorry, I really do like this name)
    elephant tamer-Viggo
    flame eater- Boris
    acrobats- Louis and Cosette
    trapeze artists-Oleg and Olya
    ringmaster - Calixto
    clowns- Cisco, Amoret, and Gordon
    bearded lady- Jezebel
    lion tamer- Dovid (Yiddish)
    lion- Goliath
    strong man - Sampson
    Teenage girl selling cotton candy- Madrigal nn Madi
    Man on unicycle- Kyoto
    Tiger- Roux
    Tightrope Walker- Percy
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    Chico the elephant trainer
    Psalm 23

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    Can anyone please helping me choosing good username for a dark fairy tale theme

    I like Olya as mentioned by the user above
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