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Thread: circus names

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    circus names

    Think of names for circus performers:
    bareback rider
    performing elephant
    elephant tamer
    flame eater
    trapeze artists
    bearded lady
    lion tamer
    strong man
    think of some more possibilities and add them to my list.
    If anyone can think of any more games, please do. I hurt a couple of muscles around my knee and all I can do is sit in my chair or lie on my bed. Going on Nameberry makes me forget about how much my knee is hurting so...SOS! Thanks! Otherwise I'm going to have to watch something really boring on T.V.

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    Re: circus names

    Think of names for circus performers:

    bareback rider: Colt
    performing elephant: Ella
    elephant tamer: Vincenzo
    flame eater: Rusty
    acrobats: Pippa and Bart
    trapeze artists: Aurelia and Florentina
    ringmaster: Bruno
    clowns: Clarabell and Petunia
    bearded lady: Dolores
    lion tamer: Alessandro
    lion: Amadeus
    strong man: Thor

    I'm so sorry you hurt yourself, Susan! Sending healing wishes your way! :-)

    Teenage girl selling cotton candy: Tiffani
    Man on unicycle: Dimitri
    Tiger: Lucifer
    Tightrope Walker: Marcello

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    Re: circus names

    bareback rider: woman: Pamplaloosa
    performing elephant: Nagendra (means elephant in Sanskrit, I think)
    elephant tamer: Howard
    flame eater: Florenzo (I made this name up!)
    acrobats: Enzo and Ivo and Benno
    trapeze artists: Trazella (made this up, too) and Vicente
    ringmaster: Maurice Bleubeau
    clowns: Pasqual, Woodrow, and Petal
    bearded lady: Harriet nn Harry!
    lion tamer: Frederick
    lion: Rory
    strong man: Gustav

    I'm so sorry you hurt yourself, Susan! Sending healing wishes your way! :-) Thank you, Jill, the ice is helping tremendously. I made it into the shape of a hammock so it is next to all the ouchy places. Now we're watching "Tough Love" on VH1. It's fascinating, like watching a train wreck!

    Teenage girl selling cotton candy: Boopah Goopah - okay soon this is going to hit the top ten list, just wait!
    Man on unicycle: Victor
    Tiger: Rashida (check it out on check out a name, didn't make it up)
    Tightrope Walkers: Lulu and Rolando

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    Re: circus names

    Think of names for circus performers:
    bareback rider: Joshua Ryder
    performing elephant: Petunia
    elephant tamer:Xerxes
    flame eaters: Penelope Blaze and Dante in his inferno
    acrobats:Vandal, Wilder and Axel
    trapeze artists:Rosario And Mirabella
    ringmaster: Valentino Barino
    clowns: Noodles and Buttons
    bearded lady:Jillian Rose
    lion tamer: Orlando
    lion: Leonardo
    strong man: Gustav

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    Re: circus names

    Think of names for circus performers:
    bareback rider: Beatrix LeDeux
    performing elephant: Bijou
    elephant tamer: Jacobi
    flame eaters: LeGrand and Maquiot
    acrobats: Vivienne, Chabriet and Xian Ngo
    trapeze artists: Jean-Luc and Manon
    ringmaster: Monsieur Le Ponce de Montbatton
    clowns: Bip, Pip and Zappo
    bearded lady: Hortensia
    lion tamer: Lorenzo
    lion: Phillippe
    strong man: Horace

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    Re: circus names

    bareback rider - Jojo
    performing elephant - Paul
    elephant tamer - Pip
    flame eater - Markus
    acrobats - Jim & Jill
    trapeze artists - Halle
    ringmaster - Dean
    clowns - Ernie
    bearded lady - Monroe
    lion tamer - Remy
    lion - King
    strong man - Harris

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    bareback rider-Jasmine
    performing elephant- Daphne (sorry, I really do like this name)
    elephant tamer-Viggo
    flame eater- Boris
    acrobats- Louis and Cosette
    trapeze artists-Oleg and Olya
    ringmaster - Calixto
    clowns- Cisco, Amoret, and Gordon
    bearded lady- Jezebel
    lion tamer- Dovid (Yiddish)
    lion- Goliath
    strong man - Sampson
    Teenage girl selling cotton candy- Madrigal nn Madi
    Man on unicycle- Kyoto
    Tiger- Roux
    Tightrope Walker- Percy
    Mama of two beautiful boys!

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    So are the children of one’s youth.
    Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them;
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    Chico the elephant trainer
    Psalm 23

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    Can anyone please helping me choosing good username for a dark fairy tale theme

    I like Olya as mentioned by the user above
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