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Thread: 1970's Names

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    1970's Names

    I just read the "Four-Generation Rule" blog. I have to admit that I am naturally drawn to names that were given to people my age, born in the mid 1970's! I really wish that it was still fashionable to name my daughter Amy, Jennifer, or Nicole. Perhaps I was truly meant to have children in a different era. :) I love all the names that my adult friends have because I can actually envision them as names of beautiful confident women with popular names. The baby names that are "fashionable" today don't feel comfortable to me and seem, dare I say it...unattractive. However, I would never want to burden my children with outdated names. So, I pose this question. What are today's popular equivalents of the 1970's names that I wish were still fashionably acceptable to name babies? For example, is yesterday's popular Jennifer today's Isabella or Emma? The following are the names that I am looking for modern beautifiul popular equivalents for my daughter. If I was in the 1970's or even the 1980's this would be my baby naming style:


    This really is a dilemma! Thank you so much for your thoughts!

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    Re: 1970's Names

    I have to admit I like a lot of these "out of style" names myself. They are familiar and comfortable, and I know a lot of people with these names that I like. I love Shannon and Brooke. I think Allison and Natalie might be considered out of fashion, but I might use them anyway!

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    Re: 1970's Names

    Not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but these are the "jazzed up" names that I think of when I see your list of names. Hope it helps! :)

    Amy - Amelia
    Nicole - Nicolette
    Jennifer - Genevieve
    Melissa - Melina
    Megan - Marguerite, Mckenna
    Caitlin - Catalina, Cassidy
    Emily - Emmeline, Amelie
    Jenna - Gemma, Giana
    Chelsea - Chiara (kee-AHR-a), Chambre, Chesney, Cheyenne
    Lisa - Lisette, Elise
    Carrie - Carrington, Carina, Carys
    Shannon - Shania
    Brooke - Brooklyn, Brielle, (what if you used the nature theme? ie - Rain, Skye)
    Kimberly - Kinsey?
    Christina - ???
    Kristin/Krista - ???
    Heather - Haven, Harper
    Lauren - Lorelai

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    Re: 1970's Names

    Fun topic!
    Amy - Ava, Evelyn nn Evie, Edith nn Edie
    Nicole - Giselle, Vivienne, Simone
    Jennifer - Genevieve, Jessamine, Josephine nn Josie
    Melissa - Millicent nn Millie, Madeleine nn Maddie
    Megan - Morgan (but I dislike this name)
    Caitlin - Katherine, Kathleen nn Kate or Catherine, Cathleen nn Cate or Kathlyn
    Emily - this is still really popular. It's #1. You could use this name. Also Emma (#2)
    Jenna - Gemma
    Chelsea - Chloe, Gelsey (a very unusual name)
    Lisa - Mira, Elizabeth nn Liza
    Carrie - Rory, Lucy
    Shannon - Sorcha, Bronwyn, Brenna
    Brooke - Briony
    Kimberly - Jocelyn, Cameron
    Christina - Charlotte, Clara, Claire, Susannah nn Sanna
    Kristin/Krista - Freya, Ingrid, Annika
    Heather - Hollis, Iris, Daisy, Chloe (means grass)
    Lauren - Laura, Laurel

    The last thing a little girl needs is a Mom name from the '70's. But here are a lot of choices, everything from super popular to classic to vintage. Hope you like something here or in another post. Let us know what you like and we'll think of more ideas. I loved this post so much-it was fun. My fave name from a long time ago before the '70's was Julie. Oh, I love my own name Susan, too.

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    Re: 1970's Names

    Yes, these names are dated/trendy, and I think it's great that you're open to some wonderful classic/vintage/stylish alternatives! :-) In the end, you need to choose a name you love, regardless of its classification, but I still applaud your willingness to explore! :-)

    Amy: Amelia, Adeline, Adelia, Audrey, and the following trendy options: Avery, Ainsely, Ashby

    Nicole: Nicola, Noelle, Nora, Natalie

    Jennifer: Genevieve, Gemma (Jem-ma), Georgia, Georgiana

    Melissa: Matilda, Miranda, Marissa/Marisa, Francesca, Larissa, Clarissa

    Megan: Try another name with a smilar feel, such as Bronwen/Bronwyn, Margaret, Maisie, Marin/Maren

    Caitlin: Catherine, Katherine, Kate, Charlotte, Caroline, Clementine, Chloe, Claire, Clara

    Emily: Although it's overused, Emily is a classic name, and will always be a classic. Emmeline is a lovely alternative, as is Amelia.

    Jenna: Gemma (Jem-ma), Genevieve

    Chelsea: Charlotte, Chloe, Caroline, Celia, Cecilia

    Lisa: Elizabeth, Eliza, Lila, Lily, Louisa, Lydia, Laura, Anneliese

    Carrie: Caroline (you can still use Carrie as the nickname it is)

    Shannon: Rhiannon, Aveline, Bronwyn/Bronwen, Darcy, Fiona, Maeve, Quinn, Tiernan, Sophie, Simone, Scarlett, Sasha

    Brooke: Blythe, Bryn, Belle, Claire, Eve, Faith, Grace, Hope, Jane, Kate, Maeve, Mae, Nell, Paige, Quinn, Rose, Tess

    Kimberly: Katherine, Keira, Kirby, Karenna

    Christina: Christina is a lovely classic name.

    Kristin/Krista: Christina

    Heather: Daisy, Violet, Delphine, Rose, Lila, Lily, Laurel, Linden, Willa (other flower/tree names...), Helena, Hope, Hazel, or the trendy Hadley

    Lauren: Laura, Laurel, Lorelei

    Best wishes to you!

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    Re: 1970's Names

    I'm not going to give alternatives for each name, but these are the current names that give me the same feeling I think your 70s choices would have given me in the 70s... hope that makes sense!

    Proud mama to two sweet boys:

    Dashiell David Rowe
    Flynn William Warfield

    "Real babies are more difficult than ideas of babies... Or even pictures of babies."
    -James Franco

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    Re: 1970's Names

    Most of the names you mentioned there I would not hesitate to use. My favorites from those are Amy, Melissa, and Shannon (the latter I actually prefer for a boy).

    I think the "dated" names that are probably best avoided are those that were "new and trendy" in their hayday (e.g. how Brittany was in the 80s/90s and how Madison and Nevaeh are in the '00s). Names that have a history of use but experienced a burst of popularity at a particular time (such as Amy and Melissa which I mentioned I like, and from the generation before that names like Nancy and Susan) I think can be used at any time without too many problems.

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    Re: 1970's Names

    As Pam resonded to someone in her blog, while names like Amy and Shannon are certainly still used, they are no longer considered stylish. The key word is style. They'll come back again, though. :-)

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