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    i'm thinking of Maxillien&Margaux for my fraternal twins.
    But I need some middle name suggestions for both!
    Since both of the names are kind of busy, maybe some short simple, but unique middle names.
    Thanks so much!

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    Re: Maxilien&Margaux??

    Also, do you guys like Maxilien? I don't like the pretentiousness of Maximilien and Maxwell is boring to me.

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    Re: Maxilien&Margaux??

    honestly, maxilien looks to me like a misspelling. sorry!
    what about maxim or maxton?

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    Re: Maxilien&Margaux??

    I thought it was a typo, too, and that you meant to type Maximilian. Sorry! :-(

    What about Maxfield?

    If you're looking for an X name, what about Felix, Dexter, or Xavier?

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    Re: Maxilien&Margaux??

    Like the other posters said, Maxilien looks like a typo, but I like Jill's x-names if you are looking for a name with that letter.
    I like Margaux, but it sounds sort of pretentious. Maybe Margot?
    Good luck!

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    Re: Maxilien&Margaux??

    Me too, I totally read Maximilien. I was going to suggest

    Maximilien Leopold

    But now I don't know what to say! Though I do like Max as a name, and even Maximilien.

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    Re: Maxilien&Margaux??

    I've always loved Maxwell - the beauty of Max without the fussier long name!
    Maxwell Shea
    Maxwell Reed
    and I too like the beauty of Margot, and prefer the original spelling!

    Margot May
    Margot Kate

    Blessings on the babies!
    Favorite Girls' Names: Anthea, Harriet, Vera, Fairfax
    Favorite Boys' Names: Hartley, Clyde, Amias, Ambrose

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    Re: Maxilien&Margaux??

    I love the names!

    Maxilien Cole
    Margaux Clair

    Maxilien Scott
    Maxilien Luke
    Margaux Kate
    Margaux Zoe

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