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    Help - Hubby and I miles apart!

    We are expecting but don't yet know the gender. We have a boy name nailed down but aren't anywhere close on a girl! We both really dislike the names suggested by the other.

    Names I like: Penelope (nn Pen or Poppy), Evelyn, Rosie, Roxanne

    Names he likes: Jennifer, Leslie, Josie

    The only thing we've been able to remotely agree on is Sadie and Audrey, but I don't *love* either of them.

    Middle name will be Cordell (family name) and our last name doesn't work well with anything ending in a long "a" sound.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Re: Help - Hubby and I miles apart!

    What is the boys name you agree on? This might help with direction.

    Do any of the following pose a possibility?

    Lillian nn Lily
    Isla (Eye-la)

    Any of these the right direction?
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    Re: Help - Hubby and I miles apart!

    I'm sorry for your naming troubles. Have you thought of forcing your husband to explore Nameberry? :-) Like you, I'm a fan of classic names, so I feel your pain!

    Names I like:
    Penelope (nn Pen or Poppy): I love Penelope, and Poppy and Nell are darling nicknames.

    Evelyn: Evelyn is lovely.

    Rosie: I love Rose and Rosalie, but Rosie is too much of a nickname to stand alone.

    Names he likes: Jennifer, Leslie, Josie: Josephine could give you a lovely, classic name, and could generate Josie for him. As for Jennifer and Leslie? comment. :-)

    I like Sadie and love Audrey, but it's important that you LOVE the names!

    Some more classic/vintage ideas, some of which may please him, too:

    Amelia Cordell
    Anna Cordell
    Charlotte Cordell
    Caroline Cordell
    Catherine Cordell
    Clementine Cordell
    Diana Cordell
    Daisy Cordell
    Emmeline Cordell
    Eliza Cordell
    Elizabeth Cordell
    Eva Cordell
    Evangeline Cordell
    Elodie Cordell
    Frances Cordell
    Genevieve Cordell (will also give you Evie as nickname, and gives him the Jen sound)
    Georgia Cordell
    Gemma Cordell(jem-ma--as an alternative to his Jennifer)
    Hope Cordell
    Helena Cordell (nn Lena and Nell)
    Isla Cordell (eye-la)
    Iris Cordell
    Josephine Cordell
    Juliet Cordell
    Julia Cordell
    Jane Cordell
    Katherine Cordell
    Lydia Cordell
    Lousia Cordell
    Lucy Cordell
    Lila Cordell
    Miranda Cordell
    Matilda Cordell
    Natalie Cordell
    Phoebe Cordell
    Rosalie Cordell
    Rose Cordell
    Stella Cordell
    Scarlett Cordell
    Simone Cordell
    Tessa Cordell
    Violet Cordell
    Willa Cordell

    Good luck! :-)

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    Re: Help - Hubby and I miles apart!

    By the way, I LOVE Audrey... Very stately and strong and beautiful. But you have to love the name!
    Proud mama to Lucia Marie (3) and Halle Regina born July 12th!

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    Re: Help - Hubby and I miles apart!

    Our boy name is Felix Jacob (or potentially Felix Henry). I LOVE Clementine, but he's not a fan. Natalie was a really great idea that we both like a lot. I also really like Merrill which I hadn't thought of before. Thanks for all the great suggestions!

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    One thing you have in common is that you both like "nickname" names. You: Rosie/Roxie, he: Josie, both: Sadie.

    You overwhelmingly like names that end in an 'ee' sound. You both like names that end in a 'dee' sound.

    Here are some other dated names that you might like, which could easily make a comeback any time, and some are already being used more often again.
    Heather - a nature name with a beautiful sound.
    Tara - this has a modern feel, especially if pronounced TAH-rah.
    Amy - the sweet but puritan feel and the simplicity of the name are making it a viable option right now for parents right now.
    Susan - the nn possibilities are great. Suzy/Suzie/Zuzie or Zuzu.
    Megan - not as dated as the others, the nn Meg or Meggie would be trendy right now.
    Jacqueline - with all the little boy Jacksons walking around, I would think that Jackie for a girl would be more popular! I really like the cute and smart sound of Jackie, while Jacqueline continues to be a sophisticated sounding name because of its French origins.
    Stephanie - this has Annie as a possible nn!
    Andrea - nn Annie, Andie, Rea
    Amanda - nn Mandie is really cute! Amanda is a pretty name.
    Sarah - the simplicity, the vintage feel, and Biblical connotations make this a lovely name. And guess what? The nn is Sadie.
    Rachel - same comment as for Sarah. Who doesn't love the vintage nn Rae?
    Lauren - a still sleek name that fits right in with other 'glamour girl' names like Ava and Audrey, as it belonged to Lauren Bacall. I'd like to meet a baby Lauren, and the 80s nn Lorie/Laurie is still cute, too!
    Erica - this is cool sounding name even today, though it isn't very similar to any of the names you say you like. Doesn't have a nn?

    More names that end with 'ee' or 'dee' sounds.
    Sally - this is pretty great name. It's not as cutesy as people think it is. It has some strength and also a nice musicality.
    Tessie - you can get to this from Tess or Tessa.
    Heidi - not as refined as Audrey at first glance, but it is a royal name, and imo more wearable than Sadie.
    Wendy - I just love this name. It has the right combination of sass and gravity.
    Lily - it's popular right now, but that's only because it's so darn appealing!

    More suggestions:
    Genevieve - this is an updated version of Jennifer, plus it has the 'Eve' also present in Evelyn.
    Elisabeth - here you could do a nn of Ellie, Lily, Lisa, or Betsy.
    Joanna - you can get Josie from this if you want.
    Jessica - I think this is a bit too real of a classic to have placed it on my 80s name list. If you don't like Jess or Jessie as a nn, Jessa is now the trendy one.
    Jessamine - considered an updated form of Jessica. Same nn, with an addition of Minnie!
    Laura - same comment I have for Jessica.
    Natalie - same.
    Claudia - same, and how cute is the nn Claudie!
    Josephine - you can get Josie from this, and it fits with the vintage names you like.
    Gwendolyn/Gwendoline/Gwendolen: Gwen is pretty, and Gwennie is very cute.
    Cassandra - nn Cassie and Andie are cute and trendy.

    ***Note: I'm just about to post this, but now I see that your son's name is Felix. I probably would have had a narrower list with his name in consideration. But I won't delete anything now. Good luck and happy naming!

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