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    I Scream, You Scream

    Ok, I'm eating Rainbow Sherbert right now, and it made think of this game. I'll list a bunch of ice cream flavors, and you think of a name that gives you the same feeling as that flavor. For example, Rainbow Sherbert makes me think of the name Poppy. Feel free to add flavors!!

    Rainbow Sherbert-
    Caramel Cheesecake-
    Rocky Road-
    Mint Chocolate Chip-
    Cookies and Cream-
    Birthday Cake-
    Pecan Prailene-
    Cookie Dough-
    Moose Tracks-
    Peanut Butter-
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    Re: I Scream, You Scream

    Fun game!

    Rainbow Sherbert- Betsy Anne (Cute and sweet)
    Caramel Cheesecake- Charles Matias (Sturdy but a little indulgent)
    Vanilla- Annabelle Rose (pure as pure can be!)
    Rocky Road- Carrick Dane (Carrick means rock! And I like Dane with it just because :)
    Cinnamon- Nyla Ashlan (a little spicy with an eastern twist)
    Pistacio- Guiliana Rosa (thoroughly Italian)
    Mint Chocolate Chip- Mac Tennyson (just came from nowhere)
    Cookies and Cream- Andrew Laurence
    Stawberry- Frances Marie
    Birthday Cake- Derek Mark (hubby's fav!)
    Neapolitan- Marco Dalmacio (Italian Stallion!)
    Chocolate- Marilyn Sophia (Highly Indulgent)
    Bubblegum- Molly Marie
    Pecan Prailene- Phyllis Merle
    Cookie Dough- Collin Thomas
    Brownie- Lavinia Vivienne (a little too much of a good thing!)
    Moose Tracks- Archer Leo (hunting and animal combo)
    Peanut Butter- Elvis Casey (just like Casey with the King!)

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    Re: I Scream, You Scream

    love this game!
    Rainbow Sherbert-Candace
    Caramel Cheesecake-Roland Paul
    Vanilla-Mary Anne, Vanilla Bean-Orville, French Vanilla-Jacqueline
    Rocky Road-Jasper Harald
    Cinnamon-Stella Spice
    Mint Chocolate Chip-Declan, sounds Irish for green mint
    Cookies and Cream- Jack
    Strawberry-Yoko, Strawberry Fields Forever
    Birthday Cake-Cathleen Pearl
    Neopolitan-Josephine Esme
    Chocolate-Clark Henry (Clark Bar and Oh, Henry!)
    Bubblegum-Patsy June
    Pecan Prailene-Lulubelle
    Cookie Dough-Molly
    Moose Tracks-Logan
    Peanut Butter-Fred

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    Re: I Scream, You Scream

    Rainbow Sherbert-Pixie LaRue
    Caramel Cheesecake-Carmella Viviana
    Vanilla-Elizabeth Anne
    Rocky Road-Wolfgang Viper
    Cinnamon-Mae Catherine
    Pistacio-Allegra Victoria
    Mint Chocolate Chip-Phoebe Jane
    Cookies and Cream-Eliza Beatrix
    Stawberry-Mabel Clementine
    Birthday Cake-Annabelle Kate
    Neapolitan-Juliet Blythe
    Chocolate-Willa Violet
    Bubblegum-Tiffany Amber
    Pecan Prailene-Genevieve Esme
    Cookie Dough-Claire. Just Claire.
    Brownie-Fiona Bronwyn
    Moose Tracks-Bubba Buford
    Peanut Butter-Reese. Just Reese.

    Cute game, Lyndsay!

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    Re: I Scream, You Scream

    Trying one girl, one guy name:

    Rainbow Sherbert - Millie, Archie
    Caramel Cheesecake - Lucy, Arthur
    Vanilla - Anne, William
    Rocky Road - Caroline, Peter
    Cinnamon - Poppy, Hugo
    Pistachio - Frances, Bruno
    Mint Chocolate Chip - Lola, Alfie
    Cookies and Cream - Niamh, Ewan
    Stawberry - Cora, George
    Birthday Cake - Philippa, Chester
    Neapolitan - Gwendolyn, Kenneth
    Chocolate - Elizabeth, Henry
    Bubblegum - Roxanne, Kevin
    Pecan Praline - Juno, Rex
    Cookie Dough - Kathleen, Richard
    Brownie - Lily, Stephen
    Moose Tracks - Iris, Raphael
    Peanut Butter - Jane, Frederick

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    Re: I Scream, You Scream

    You have the most amazing icecream flavours... I wish we had flavours like that in New Zealand! I don't have time to do this right now but I will later - great idea. [:

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    Re: I Scream, You Scream

    Rainbow Sherbert- Iris Cate
    Caramel Cheesecake- Carmen Grace
    Vanilla-Camilla Lee
    Rocky Road- Marcia Lane
    Cinnamon- Sienna Claire
    Pistacio- Rosario Sophia
    Mint Chocolate Chip- Gracie Anne ( her favorite flavor)
    Cookies and Cream- Daphne Noel ( her fave!!!)
    Stawberry- Kennedy Louise ( her fave!!!)
    Birthday Cake- Maria Rowen ( its her birthday today!!)
    Neapolitan-Neopoleon John
    Chocolate- Chidozie Chekel ( his fave he is from Nigeria)
    Bubblegum- Suzie Lou
    Pecan Prailene- Joan Elizabeth ( My Mom her fave)
    Cookie Dough- Josie Ines( My Bff her fave)
    Brownie- Miranda Skye ( her fave)
    Moose Tracks- Sophie Elizabeth ( me!!! my Fave!! Yummm)
    Peanut Butter- Skippy John

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    Re: I Scream, You Scream

    My names aren't very creative, they just popped into my head.

    Rainbow Sherbert- Patrick
    Caramel Cheesecake- Emerson
    Vanilla- Brian
    Rocky Road- Phoenix
    Cinnamon- Archie
    Pistachio- Emmeline
    Mint Chocolate Chip- Madison
    Cookies and Cream- Alexis
    Stawberry- Natalie
    Birthday Cake- Mallory
    Neapolitan- Charlotte
    Chocolate- Zachary
    Bubblegum- Chloe
    Pecan Prailene- Della
    Cookie Dough- Taylor
    Brownie- Owen
    Moose Tracks- Colt
    Peanut Butter- John

    So random!
    Vote on combos in progress

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    Re: I Scream, You Scream

    Girl, Boy:

    Rainbow Sherbert-Clarice, Brice
    Caramel Cheesecake-Avalon, Graham
    Vanilla-Vanessa, Bob
    Rocky Road-Caroline, Frankie
    Cinnamon-Dominique, Armando*
    Pistacio-Cheryl, Ernest
    Mint Chocolate Chip-Mindy, Chip
    Cookies and Cream-Debbie, Paul
    Stawberry-Caitlin, Edward
    Birthday Cake-Emily, Andrew
    Neapolitan-Josephine, Lorenzo
    Chocolate-Pamela, Christopher
    Bubblegum-Patsy, Dennis
    Pecan Prailene-Cordelia, Parker
    Cookie Dough-Nicole, Tom
    Brownie-Wilhelmina, Dexter
    Moose Tracks-Bristol, Track
    Peanut Butter-Hannah, Peter

    *If I were to regularly participate in all the name games, Armando would always be the name of the guy I met and had 14 children with.

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    Re: I Scream, You Scream

    Mine are also a bit lacking in the creativity department :) I just jotted down whatever came to mind first, no matter the gender!

    Rainbow Sherbert - Shelby
    Caramel Cheesecake - Amber
    Vanilla - Emily
    Rocky Road - Roxanne
    Cinnamon - Sage
    Pistacio - Pollyanna
    Mint Chocolate Chip - Whitney
    Cookies and Cream - Megan
    Strawberry - Eleanor
    Birthday Cake - Blake (Because it's what she makes me crave!)
    Neapolitan - August
    Chocolate - Ginger
    Bubblegum - Kelsie
    Pecan Prailene - Almon
    Cookie Dough - James (Hubby's favorite)
    Brownie - Bella
    Moose Tracks - Snow
    Peanut Butter - Victoria

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