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    Help with middle names!!

    I already have 2 daughters, Sophia Belle, 8 & Sydney Rose, 3 (my poor husband!!!)
    We have already decided on the first names but we are stuck on middle names.

    Grace--we're thinking Elizabeth because it's all we could really think of that we both somewhat agreed on, but I think it's just a filler name.

    Madison--we have:
    Madison Faith
    Madison Danielle (Danielle is my name and I haven't quite gotten over the weirdness of naming a child after me--is it weird?)
    Madison Kate
    Madison Paige
    Madison Hope
    Madison Nicole

    and for the last little girl, Olivia--For Olivia we have he same middle name options as we have for Madison:
    Olivia Kate
    Olivia Paige
    Olivia Danielle
    and thats all we have to Olivia so far

    Any suggestions for either Grace, Madison, and Olivia (1 or all) are more than welcome as well as opinions. We're TORN!!

    Thank you!!

    *Sophia and Rose are from my grandmother and my husband's mother.
    *Kate is my mother's name and Nicole is my sister-in-law's name.
    *I'm not looking to use a family name in per se, just something that flows nicely and is beautiful
    --Grace is from his grandmother and Olivia is from my aunt.

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    Re: Help with middle names!!

    Do you want to use the middle names to honor family or would you prefer to just have fun with them?

    I will think of some ideas this morning but thought I would ask what your mothers, grandmothers, and any other special aunts names (first and last) are. Actually since you have so many girls, you might want to honor a grandfather George or Alex with a middle Georgiana or Alexandra, so If you have grandpas too that can work!

    Is there a family surname that could be a potential with some tweaking?
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