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Thread: Morag and Manon

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    Morag and Manon

    I'm thinking about Morag and Manon, mostly as middle name material. What do you think? I've got a few thoughts so far.

    Judith Morag
    Hestia Morag
    Aoife Morag
    Ceridwen Morag
    Bronwen Morag

    Ophelia Manon
    Manon Zenobia
    Pauline Manon
    Vesta Manon
    Guinevere Manon

    Anything there that jumps out? What do you think sounds good with either name?
    Thanks in advance! :D

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    lola Guest

    Re: Morag and Manon

    Since it's just about suppertime, I'm making this brief. If you want clarification, let me know, I'll be back after supper!
    From your lists the appeallers are:

    Ceridwen Morag
    Bronwen Morag - I love this!

    Ophelia Manon - and this one's my favorite here!
    Guinevere Manon

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    Re: Morag and Manon

    Thank you very much for the feedback! I think you have picked out the best of them, but I'm still open to other ideas. How much appeal is there in the names themselves? What sort of image do have? I'd love to get some opinions.

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    Re: Morag and Manon

    I prefer Manon to Morag for a little lady. However, I agree that Bronwen Morag works quite well. Manon just seems softer and more feminine to me though. Ophelia Manon is wonderful!
    :: o l i v e ::

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    Re: Morag and Manon

    I agree with olivegreen. Morag feels funky, but kind of harsh and not so feminine. I also like Bronwen Manon and Vesta Manon, but I think Ophelia Manon is the best. nice rhythm to it.

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    I like Manon

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