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    22 weeks and we cannot decide on a name! Help!

    I thought I would get some input on this. I found this website in a magazine and checked it out. I searched the "hot Lists" and nothing. We have been searching other sites almost every day and cannot agree. :( Any input/suggestions would be appreciated!

    My son, fiance and myself ALL have to agree on the name and it has yet to happen! :(

    *I would like to use James as a middle name as it's my dad's name.

    I like:
    Drake - he hates
    Lane - neither likes
    Landon - neither likes
    Dawson James - Really like, my son only likes Dawson and he isn't sold on it.
    Jackson - Like it but we already have a Jack in the family
    Dayton - Noone likes
    Aiden - we like, my son doesn't like.
    Addison - Neither likes
    Reece - Son doesn't like

    He likes:
    Jaiden - We have a friend that has a Jaiden and I am not crazy about it. My son likes it.
    Jesse James - NO WAY! Plus his last name starts with Bess!
    Lance - Yuck - No offense
    Trent - Sounds back woodsy to me!
    Trey - It's "okay" at best!
    Presley - Huge Elvis fan
    Van - Big Van Halen fan! UGH!

    My son likes: (my son will be 9 next month)
    Jackson - He wants to call him Jax.
    Jaylen - I don't like
    Acen - ??

    We all "kind" of like but aren't sold on these:
    Remington - Not sure about this one
    Marley - Cute for baby not sure for adult

    His last name starts with a B so I would like to stay away from a B name.


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    Re: 22 weeks and we cannot decide on a name! Help!

    Phew! Sounds like you're getting stressed about finding a great name! But no worries, everyone here loves names & will come along soon with some great ideas. And I'm sure you'll find something perfect. Oh and I love the name James for the middle!

    Drake - Hmm Do they like Dane, Dalton or Drew? They kind of have the same sound.
    Lane - I think this is us kind of girly sounding. . . Do you like Lucas, Liam, Landon or Lincoln? Lincoln James is great I think!
    Landon - Oh rats guess that means Landon is out
    Dawson James - I really like this! What do the guys think about Donovan - it kind of has a similar sound - and Donovan James is very handome!
    Aiden - This name (along with all the similar sounding Bradens, Cadens and Jaydens) is getting super popular and really isn't my style . . . What about Corbin?
    Addison - This is being used a lot for girls :(
    Ashton - Does Asher or Archer go over any better?
    Reece - What about Rhett, Ronan or Rowan?

    Jaiden - I don't care for this either. . .
    Jesse James - Oh man. Jess Bess----. There has been a nameberry blog the past 2 days about western names. Maybe something will strike him from those lists.
    Lance - Hmm what about Marc or March?
    Trent & Trey - Ohh!! How about Tate? It has same sound as these 2 plus the kind of country sound that he seems to like. And Tate Jmes is so great!
    Hunter - My husband likes this one too. Must be a guy thing. Some other names that he likes that are along that vein are Colt, Harley, Tucker, Miller and Archer.

    Jaylen - Kind of feminine sounding
    Acen - ??

    We all "kind" of like but aren't sold on these:
    Colin, Conner & Cole - Very handsome. Have you thought about Carter or Carson?
    Remington - I know someone who has a dog named this so I can't get over that . . . Remy is a cute nickname though
    Marley - This is being used for girls mostly
    Owen - Owen James is so handsome!
    Evan - Cute

    Lets see it is hard to choose but my faves are Dalton James, Dawson James, Tate James, and Owen James

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    Re: 22 weeks and we cannot decide on a name! Help!

    Hello, and welcome to Nameberry! I'm sorry you're having such trouble finding a name! You seem to prefer trendy names, but I ldo ove the more classic choices you've listed. Of your names, I love Colin and Owen, and Cole and Jackson are lovely, too.

    Here are some suggestions, incorporating both of your styles:
    Archer James
    August James
    Alexander James
    Austin James
    Cullen James
    Callum James
    Calvin James
    Carter James
    Carson James
    Cooper James
    Camden James
    Donovan James
    Dexter James
    Declan James
    Elias James
    Elliott James
    Everett James
    Ellis James
    Edward James
    Finnegan James
    Finley James
    Finnian James
    Gabriel James
    Griffin James
    Gideon James
    Harrison James
    Hudson James
    Henry James
    Jameson (a James name for the first name)
    Jasper James (instead of Jesse James)
    Joseph James (instead of Jesse James)
    Kellan James
    Liam James
    Leland James
    Logan James
    Miller James
    Milo James
    Maxfield James
    Maxwell James
    Marsden James
    Nicholas James
    Preston James
    Parker James
    Quinlen James
    Quentin James
    Roman James
    Ryder James
    Sebastian James
    Spencer James
    Sullivan James
    Wyatt James
    Weston James
    Walker James
    Wilder James
    Vaughan Jameson
    Zachary James

    Best wishes to you!

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    Re: 22 weeks and we cannot decide on a name! Help!

    Proud mama to Lucia Marie (3) and Halle Regina born July 12th!

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    Re: 22 weeks and we cannot decide on a name! Help!

    One idea for you: On the nameberry Supersearch, you can plug in just the qualities you want to look for -- boys' names with two syllables that end in "on" for instance -- here's a link to that search, which gets you more than 800 ideas.

    You can also do the same thing for 3 syllables, or try an 'er" ending instead, plus filter for popularity. You might come up with some ideas you haven't considered yet and arrive at something that everyone will love. Your 9 year old might have a lot of fun with it!
    Pam Redmond

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    Re: 22 weeks and we cannot decide on a name! Help!

    Of the names you listed, I love Owen James and Evan James. What about...

    Parker James
    Chandler James (disclaimer: I have seen this as on both girls and boys and don't know how you feel about unisex names. It seems more masculine to me, but probably because the first one I knew was a boy.)
    Porter James
    Hudson James
    William James nn Will
    Braden James
    Kyle James
    Colby James
    Liam James
    Holden James

    Just some thoughts. Good luck and let us know what you decide!

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    Re: 22 weeks and we cannot decide on a name! Help!

    What about Nolan James, Declan James, or Dorian James?

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    I have an Evan James and we LOVE his name)
    Annabel ... Anneliese ... Ivy ... Juliet ... Meredith ... Noelle ... Stella

    Davis ... Evan ... James ... Porter ... Ryan ... Spencer .... Trevor

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    I love Cole! Also...Riley, Dashiell (nn Dash), Cash, Clive, Louis, Oscar, Reed, Stellan, Alex

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