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    More Initial Names!

    You have friends named Ben, Abe, Ava, Hal, and Pam, and because you aren't permitted to give your children your friends' actual names, you instead decided to have your children's initials spell out the names.

    Ben: Beatrix Esme Nora
    Abe: Amelia Blythe Eleanor
    Ava: Annabelle Violet Amandine
    Hal: Helena Astrid Laurel
    Pam: Phoebe Aurelia Maude

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    Re: More Initial Names!

    Ben: Bianca Emilia Nicola (Italian)
    Abe: Ashlynn Briana Eilis (Irish)
    Ava: Adrian Volante Amyas (Latin)
    Hal: Honore Allura Liana (French)
    Pam: Parker Avery Moore (English)

    I gave myself an extra little challenge and tried to make names where each of the three individual names had a specific origin.

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    Re: More Initial Names!

    Ben: Bianca Esme Niodrara
    Abe: Audra Bayberry Eve
    Ava: Alice Verdugo Anne
    Hal: Hermosita Abelard Lily
    Pam: Penelope Avis Montecito

    Every one of the above name combos has one name that is a name of a street from the area where I lived as a child.

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