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Thread: Too juvenile?

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    Too juvenile?

    We are seriously considering Augustin for one of our babies, but I have some concerns about it. We need a bilingual English-French name so we like the thought of making Augustin the full name, and calling him August when we're on English mode.
    What I'd like to know is how well do you think Augustin will grow? The "in" ending has a bit of a juvenile feel and I worry that it will sound silly on a grown man. What do you think? Is it a child's name, or can it suit any age?

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    Re: Too juvenile?

    I LOVE Augustin and August, and hope to use one someday. :-) For me, Augustin is a fantastic name on both children and adults, and if anything, sounds like a name into which a little boy needs to grow. It's an individual thing, but I find Augustin quite mature, yet definitely usable and wonderful on a child.

    I'm sure more people will be along, but count this as one enthusiastic vote for Augustin! :-)

    Good luck!

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    Re: Too juvenile?

    I love August/Augustin, too! It doesn't sound juvenile to me at all. It sounds more like an adult than a child to me, but I'd love it on a little one, too!
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    Not at all. Great name!

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    I don't think it's juvenile at all--it sounds very many to me! Great name!

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